Stunning Photos That Make Us Want To Get Married In Virginia Wine Country


Every day, we hear about emerging wine regions popping up in odd places, pinot noir gaining popularity in The Northwest’s Willamette Valley, New York’s Finger Lakes wine culture gaining popularity, and Texas has a flourishing vineyard scene!

While we’re delighted to have more unique wines to sip (did you know that I worked in the wine industry?), we’re also excited about the implications to weddings and the wedding industry: more beautiful, under-the-radar locations to tie the knot!

No matter where you’re anywhere in the globe, wine country has beauty, such as rolling hills, volcanic vineyards, or steeply sloped ones. If you’re looking for stunning backdrops for your wedding pictures, you can rely on wineries for the perfect beauty you require.

That is why we’re here today with a stunning wedding ceremony in Virginia. There’s been a recent increase in Southern wine-staining weddings (see this one in Georgia and this one located in Virginia!) And boy, are they gorgeous. Combining rustic and old-world scenes with old-fashioned Southern Charm gives you the perfect recipe for a stunning wedding day.

Our Love Story

In all of the locations we’ve traveled to, Tyler and I ended up being on the same street in Nashville in the same week, at the same time, and at the same time. Today, we are confident that we were placed together at that moment because there was a plan to share the rest of our lives.

As a couple located in Virginia, along with Tyler being from New Jersey, we did not think we would meet our future spouses during the most enjoyable vacation with our friends from Nashville, TN. Still, when I saw Tyler, it felt like we were connected, and everything stopped, and I realized. It was just an instant in the distance. However, he can remember that moment just as I do; it feels like it was the day before. It is regarded as a rare event. However, I believe we were fortunate enough to witness it.

We came across this quote and believe it perfectly describes our love story beautifully: “The best kind of relationships start unexpectedly. You get that stunned sensation and everything happens abruptly. It’s the reason you don’t look for romance. It’s there in the right place at the exact moment you never imagined that it would happen.”

After our first meeting in Nashville, TN, Tyler and I spent the next two months chatting and FaceTiming for many hours over the telephone, talking with each other almost every weekend. After a few years, Tyler moved to VA along with Aubrey.

The Proposal

In the next two years, Tyler’s mom and sister were visiting, and Tyler wanted to go to our favorite local hangout, Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant. When I looked at the fountain from the balcony outside, I turned, and Tyler was kneeling on one knee, asking me to be his bride. I was so thrilled that my first thought was, “Omg are you serious?” I’ll never forget the joy I felt at that time. After a few minutes, he pleasantly delighted me by inviting all my closest friends in attendance to celebrate the occasion with us.

The Venue & Style

Elegant, romantic, thoughtful, and chic describe our wedding look. I’d thought of having our wedding in the Morais Vineyards & Winery when I first glimpsed it in a picture several years ago, and we set up our wedding the day after we got engaged. For me, it’s the most beautiful and romantic location I’ve ever been to and is the perfect venue to have for our wedding day!

To be true to our wedding style, we used neutral and blushed colors throughout the wedding. We also had metallic and gold accents and a sprinkling of navy blue to match the men’s tuxedos.

The Dress & Attire

I was sure that I needed a dress for my wedding that was classy and elegant. After much research, I discovered that Martina Liana represented my style perfectly in her gowns. Attractive and sexy: My sheer sheath wedding gown from Martina Liiana seemed to be the upscale look I envisioned for an elegant wedding day. The transparent bodice has a dramatic V-neckline, which is the main feature of the gown. It also extends easily into organic lace straps and deep cutouts on the sides. It took only one go to locate the dress I wanted. It was my first dress, and I was sure it was the right one.

To match my dress and add elegance to our wedding, Tyler and the guys had classic navy tuxes adorned with gold jewelry. The bridesmaids were dressed in chiffon gowns with rose quartz color.

The Details & Favors

The labels and stationery were created for the stationery and labels by Becky J. Invitations. A gold-colored welcome sign and the gold mirror seating chart were designed with calligraphy created by Write Liz Write.

We used”Love” as the critical word throughout the wedding for our last name and our special drink created by mixing Tennessee honey whiskey as an ode to where we first met.

The favors were a perfect way to conclude the celebration of a gorgeous wedding. We had custom gold and ivory labels swathed around a mini bottle of champagne. The perfect nightcap to help everyone remember the most memorable evening.

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