Reasons Not To Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring


I love a sparkling diamond as much as any other girl, but I find it a bit annoying that so many couples believe that an engagement ring isn’t really an engagement ring until it has a diamond in its center.

We’re partnering together with our trusted friends from Joseph Jewelry, who design the most stunning personalized engagement rings to debunk the misconception that diamonds last forever.

The choice of a different gemstone is not just a way to add character as well as colored individuality to your jewelry; I believe it could make it more unique. Gemstones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies are equally robust as diamonds, and they will last all the time; in contrast, stones such as garnets, tourmaline, and Morganite have become more sought-after in recent years to create stylish, contemporary engagement rings.

Are you still unsure if you’re looking to get rid of diamonds? Here are ten beautiful non-diamond engagement ring designs to demonstrate just how unique an emerald-colored stone could be and why they deserve an enviable space on the finger!

Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline ranges from vibrant pink to a deep green, nd this stunning, radiant-cut tourmaline is a stunning example of how beautiful it can be wrapped in white gold nd surrounded by diamante accent stones.

With a 7.5 according to the Mohs scale (diamonds are a 10) T, tourmaline is a tough stone, and if it is well-maintained w,  it ill appear gorgeous on your fingers for a long time.

Because Joseph Jewelry can make custom-made rings, I believe that this gemstone would be beautiful when paired with purple or blue stones in a rose-gold setting.

Yellow Sapphire

Sapphires are a classic blue stone. However they also comes in pink, peach, and white, and my personal favorite is yellow.

A less costly alternative to yellow diamonds is canary yellow sapphires, which are an especially effective choice for those seeking larger stones. This emerald-cut ththree-stoneing showcases how beautiful this stone is g,iving a distinctive look and glam to a traditional setting.

Yellow sapphires can differ in color, and this central ring’s stone is aa2.75 carat, light yellow sapphire set in 14k white gold.

Although I love the diamonds flanking this ring, it is gorgeous using three sapphires of yellow, too. I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s fun to design your owngs!


Oh, I enjoy Morganite. I could make it one of my favorite stones.

The soft pinky-pink hue is gorgeous and is the perfect option to wear the peidealngagement ring. Indeed, many believe that Morganites provide the wearer with confidence, nd the coat’s pretty appropriate!

My pevorite morganite pairing is rose gold and accent stones to make the pink shine.

This pear-shaped gemstone that has pave-set diamonds is especially attractive, and yet again, since Morganite is an affordable stone and is a great choice with larger stones, such as pear and cushion cuts. Joseph Jewelry has some stunning stones!

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