A Nutritionist’s Guide To Relaxing The Night Before Your Wedding


Even when you’re the coolest, calmest, and most collected couple, weddings can be incredibly stressful.

There’s nothing more expensive than a gathering with your entire circle in a single room and you must appear in front of everyone and show a lot of traffic, turn to your spouse, and even dance! This will give you an intense case of butterflies. (That makes it sound more terrifying than it actually is! ).

I’ve previously written about the ways I dealt with relaxing my anxiety during the months and weeks leading up to my wedding and what people can take to reduce stress. However, what happens to your anxiety prior to the wedding day of the wedding?

Some brides and grooms be praying, others will meditate while others go for a drink. Foraree, I had an amazing playlist and my husband at my side. What do you think about nutrition and relaxation? I am pleased to have the great Alice Mackintosh present to share her knowledge. A nutritional therapist based in London and co-author of her best-selling books The Happy Kitchen, Good Mood Food as well as co-founding the company Equi London (produce aware,d-winning products that brides appreciate! ), Alice has made her job of making people feel great her main focus in life.

Who better to impart her advice for feeling at ease, refreshed, and free of anxiety during the days before you get married? Let it go, Alice…

Tomorrow is the day to be remembered. You’ve been preparing for months (or perhaps even several years), and now it’s here. You’re thrilled but also somewhat nervous.

Can the seafood be cooked perfectly? Can the weather last? Will your crazy Aunt Eva dress properly? How do you deal when you awake with a smudge on the tip of the nose?

Whatever your preparations are, it’s not difficult to imagine that a frantic mind could keep you awake all evening before your wedding day. There are plenty of options to help you relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Apart from rummaging through the prosecco cellar that isn’t optimal, if you wish to appear fresh and radiant and look your best, eating a healthy diet can assist.

I specialize in the health of your skin and have a lot of brides to meet on the eve of their wedding day. After the skin treatment, one of the questions I am asked the most frequently by brides concerns how they can get a good sleep before bed and after the wedding.

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