Nautical New England Foodie Wedding (With Lobster Rolls!)


I hope that all your loved ones someday experience the magic of Maine. Maine, the Northeastern state of New England, is a wild and seafood paradise. Lobster shacks, rustic lodges, charming old-fashioned New England homes, and, Oh, the oysters! If I’ve not yet had you booking your flights, a romantic seaside wedding is sure to be able to help.

In the picturesque town of Boothbay, Dana and Jess discovered an idyllic getaway on the water for their guests and family. They wanted to take their guests off New York (a good six-hour drive away from Manhattan). The couple planned their wedding as an event in the sense of. They put on a rustic, sea-loving ceremony that allowed guests to mix beyond the hallways of the hotel greetings.

Their wedding was an informal meal of delicious barbecue as well as fresh oysters and, of course, lobster rolls! The casual dinner allowed guests to enjoy a night of fun in their cozy setting. The decor and the weekend were adorned with personal touches. The couple was able to allow guests to get to know the couple as a couple and their relationship, which was captured with such love by Let’s FROOL Together.

Be sure to check out the stunning aerial video shot by his groomsman at the close of the ceremony (who also wrote a book on the theme of the beach at the wedding ceremony, appreciating oysters and what a wonderful idea to remember your special day!)

Our Love Story

We met when Tindering. It was a success! We exchanged text messages to set the initial meeting, but it took us several weeks to meet in person due to of the schedules. The conversation was lively right from the beginning, and it was even more engaging when we met in the flesh.

I had some ideas regarding how to propose, but I was aware of how great Jess was at working things out. I wanted an experience that was unique and fitting to things Jess liked. I got an engagement ring that was custom aquamarine made by Tracy Matthews that I kept private for months.

Jess had planned a series of weekend excursions to celebrate my birthday and was able to see that I could propose. When I first started my month, I decided to do something different with the images on my Instagram feed. I concealed letters within ideas, which resulted in a puzzle (this collage is the entire collage). Jess had seen the letter in one of the pictures earlier in the month; however, I made fun of the idea of the puzzle.

We were in a cabin in the Catskills setting up a bonfire following an excursion. I asked Jess whether she would like to help with the puzzle along with me. She initially did not say yes. LOL! After a few minutes, we looked it over, and she was able to put all the clues, and with a bit of gentle nudges, she solved the query.

A while later, she came to the idea that it was an offer. When she realized that it was, her face was giddy with delight and shock. I sat down on my knees and pulled out the rings. It was an amazing moment and one that we’ll never forget.

The Destination

We picked Maine due to its beautiful surroundings and beautiful coastlines. It was a place that we had visited before, and we were always in awe of the environment we found ourselves in. As a resident of NYC, We wanted to change the pace of the holidays as well as for our family and friends who have never visited Maine.

The Venue

Jess truly fell in love she fell in love with Linekin Bay Resort. One thing we both wanted was simple accessibility for our guests to walk to the resort, relax, and enjoy the weekend at the same place. In addition, we wanted to be able to view our guests go beyond all the chaos of wedding ceremonies and receptions.

One of the main reasons we chose to do Linekin was that we were hoping for our family and friends to be able to meet and hang out with one another outside the confines of the hotel room. We’ve been to weddings, but you aren’t able to meet the people you’d like to meet beyond the occasional bite to eat or a friendly greeting in a hallway. We knew we wanted to avoid it. We adored the fact that anyone could walk into Linekin at any time for a hunker down, relax, and have a blast, which is exactly what it was.

Favorite Moments

We were able to gather all of our family and friends together at one location all weekend. Our first photo was great. We made our vows, and it was our first ceremony where we had shared the vows. It was a blast.

After the ceremony, a couple of vessels on the water made a sound to celebrate. A harbor seal was swimming just in the ocean during our pre-dinner dinner. Snapping photos beneath the Milky Way. The group of friends jumped into the sea in the evening.

It was a weekend filled with wonderful memories, and it’s hard not to say that the entire weekend was one of my favorite moments.

The Photography & Videography

It was through luck that we found the perfect pairing of Let’s Frolic Together as well as Jasmine. Her style was a refined casual style they both adored, more than the formal “stiff” images that they frequently saw for weddings. Jasmine captured the spirit of the occasion as well as the surrounding environment without needing to compose people or the setting. Hearts.

In our search for photographers, Dana remembered that he was a fan of her amazing Instagram feed, but he didn’t know she was located in San Diego. They decided it was worth the effort to contact her and find out what it would be like for her to take the trip to Maine and record the excitement. It happened that the week before the wedding, she had an opening and had always dreamed of visiting Maine. After several email exchanges and even a video call, it was evident that this was the way it was supposed to be. The rest is the rest of history.

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