Los Angeles Rooftop Wedding With Incredible City Views


Are you able to imagine that this bright and stunning rooftop wedding was held in December? Due to Los Angeles’ sunny winters and CCL Wedding & Events’s creative flair, the marriage makes us think about winter weddings.

Quinn Jon and Quinn’s LA wedding was the perfect backdrop for a modern wedding on a rooftop. The venue they chose boasted clear lines, open spaces, and a deck on the roof with lots of glass. Their wedding in December could have been arranged with a more formal look. However, because of Quinn’s vision of CCL Wedding’s expertise in planning and art with nature’s lush greenery and blooms, the minimalist space was a riot!

We’re amazed by the style and result of this stunning wedding scene, and we couldn’t resist the urge to ask for some tips from our beautiful bridesmaids: “Pick 1 or 2 things that are really important to you and allow yourself to splurge on those, and save on everything else”. Flowers were on the list of Quinn and Jon, and the results are stunning!

Our Love Story

We hung out during the house of my (Quinn’s) cousin’s Summer barbecue. We had a great conversation and decided that our first date would be a run on Huntington Beach. We started with lots of running at the beach during long summer nights, and the rest is the story!

After six years together, Jon and I decided to go to London during winter. I’ve always wanted to visit because London is among the most stunning cities during the winter holiday season. On the day before New Year’s Eve, He proposed on the spectacular Tower Bridge. We flew to California just a few days later with an old Tiffany engagement ring as our London souvenir!

The Wedding Day Style

This venue ( South Park Center) is modern, featuring stunning floor-to-ceiling windows that offer views of The LA skyline. This influenced my selection of striking acrylic invitations, signage, and ghost-chairs. To contrast all the contemporary clean designs, I wanted my flowers to be lush, extravagant, and glamorous.

CCL Weddings performed a fantastic job in understanding and running with my ideas! The most striking aspect of our wedding ceremony was the truss we constructed, adorned with chandeliers and greenery!

Favorite Moments

The speeches given by our family and friends were among our most treasured moments.

Another adorable touch was the cocktail napkins. I’m an artist and drew an image of a Porsche with the newlywed bride and groom. Jon loves cars, and especially the one he loves, his Porsche. I’m also a cat lover, so this cat is beside the groom. We printed the images on napkins, and our guests and family were amazed at how well it was captured!

The Honeymoon

We spent a month traveling Australia and Bali, and yes, we would suggest it to other couples! We could not go on the trip immediately following the wedding, but we did it four months later. We highly recommend that all teams use this chance to celebrate their marriage, regardless of whether it’s a short trip in Hawaii or a long-distance trip like ours!

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