Gorgeous Destination Wedding In Italy


We don’t have a favorite real Wedding that we showcase on our blog. Each one is beautiful, unique, and inspirational in its way.

When it comes to Paula and Adam’s romantic wedding destination in Puglia, Italy, I must leave my bias behind me and declare that I am head over heels in lust.

This couple, with the help of Sara Pietrelli of Elegant Weddings in Italy, created a beautiful celebration from beginning to end.

We shared the stunning wedding film of Marco Caputo this morning. Now, we share their stunning photographs by Cinzia Brunschini in her atmospheric style.

There are a few things that have made me fall in love with this wedding.

First, Paula and Adam are an international couple. Adam is British, and Paula is Brazilian. They met through a friend and became flatmates in NYC. They’ve traveled the world together since then.

Second, Puglia, the region in the ‘heel’ of Italy with its incredible food and breathtaking scenery, is at the top of my bucket list. We’re going there for our honeymoon this summer.

This wedding is stunning. This wedding is absolutely gorgeous. Every detail is so beautifully thought out, from the stylish bride and groom, their chic bridal party, and the quirky escort card to the stunning tablescape.

Let’s stop waxing lyrical now and let you guys swoon and pin yourselves!

The Story of the Proposal

The proposal took place near Lake Annecy, France.

Love Actually was one of my favorite movies. Adam had studied Portuguese for a long time, and the proposal was made in Portuguese. It had a hint of Colin Firth (I don’t know the name of his character) proposing to Aurelia, the Portuguese girl.

The Venue

It was a gamble to choose the venue before they opened. It was beautiful and elegant but also secluded.

We knew the Melpignano property well and were prepared for the purchase.

The Photography & Videography

Cinzia’s strong, unique point of view is refreshing, and she avoids the traditional, almost sterile photos. Her photos are beautiful and artistic, just as we had hoped.

Marco is also amazing. He captured the emotions behind each moment without going overboard, which was perfect for us. His pictures were stunning.

Advice to other couples

For inspiration, I bought some magazines and looked on Pinterest. But working with an experienced wedding planner was the best thing to do.

It’s still a ton of work, and there are a ton of decisions to make, so it is best to stay organized. You’ll feel less stressed and more in control when you are organized.

I think the planning process should be fun. Please plan, and don’t stress about it. It will still be beautiful.


We served various fruit caipirinhas but no signature cocktail.

The wedding cake is a traditional Puglian dessert.

We also have “bem casados,” a Brazilian candy meant to bring luck to newlyweds.

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