Hydrangea Blue Lake Como Micro Wedding


Walking through the forests surrounding Lake Como, you’ll discover a stunning flower of a wild, blue hydrangea.

Jack and I enjoyed a decade of bliss in a tiny mountaintop town just off Lake Como during our entire year-long wedding. We enjoyed lakeside aperitifs and lunches on our private beach, visits to our favorite eateries for meats and wine, and strolls through the woods between stunning Italian villas. On our walks, I hunted in the wild for flowers like hydrangea. I now have them in a frame on our wall by pressing them onto the road as a reminder that we’ll return to this stunning lake shortly.

It was a definite yes when we got a romantic Lake Como wedding dressed in charming blue Hydrangeas. The couple were married in a traditional Italian Villa; Helen & Jeremy’s micro wedding was as magical as possible. The stunning local hydrangeas are set off by a dusty blue décor and candles, a genuinely delightful wedding.

The dining area was alfresco, and they cut an impressive cake and then hopped on their boat to go on a cruise. It’s Lake Como wedding bliss.

Our Love Story

Our paths crossed at times. We met through “friends of friends” and were able to meet at events and concerts, but not more than a “Hello.”

We enjoyed a weekend with our entire group of acquaintances and went into it without expectations. I had no idea that I would meet such a wonderful man.

The Destination

I attended an international wedding, and everyone had a great time. We always enjoyed the energy, beauty, food, and weather in Italy, And when we visited Lake Como, we thought it was the most gorgeous location on the planet!

We did a lot of studies, and when we discovered Aurora of Lake Como Weddings and Events, we immediately thought she was the perfect fit to work with. We are thrilled that we decided to work with Aurora to assist us in creating the event of our dreams…and how wonderful a wish that came real! We had an incredible experience and didn’t have to worry about details since Aurora was on hand at every turn, ensuring everything went as smoothly as possible.

We rented a stunning place, Villa Ortensia. The property also offers accommodations, and we stayed with our family. It was secluded and had excellent facilities, including an outdoor pool.

We became enamored with Villa Ortensia and its surroundings, and our “theme” was classy and romantic. I picked hydrangeas as the central flowers since they are a common sight in Lake Como.

The Dress & Attire

I’ve always longed to go to Milan to get my wedding dress. And there I found the dress I wanted to wear as my “dream dress” at Daphne. When I put on my dress, I wept. I knew it was the dress for me!

Jeremy was wearing a custom-made suit by Savorani Savorani – the classic Dark navy dress.

Favorite Moment

When it was time to make our way down the aisle and exchange our first glance, it was pure bliss. From the moment we started our wedding until the final dance of the evening, there was love every second, and it was the perfect day.

The Reception

The traditional four-course Italian menu was accompanied by bottle after bottle of White Lugana and red Sangiovese, followed by the buffet included desserts and an open bar. SunLake Catering provided the entire menu and was outstanding. The wedding cake was delicious! The Wedding cake was delicious!

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