Top Tips & Ideas For Creating The Perfect Wedding Photo Album


Did you receive hundreds of wedding pictures from your wedding photographer? Maybe you’ve created some prints, framed some of your most loved wedding pictures, or even sent some of your favorites to friends and family via the mail. But what happens to the remainder of your wedding photography reel?

Let’s create your dream wedding album! Your wedding day should be displayed in a souvenir that reflects the work you put into your wedding planning. Following our best tips to arrange your wedding pictures, you can quickly design and print your photo album using Mpix.

The Signature Album for Photos is a stylish leather album with a lay-flat binding that can hold up to 100 gorgeously printed pages. With high-end print and paper, this album is designed to be used and enjoyed for generations.

Additionally, The Signature Photo Album is a cost-effective way to save and showcase your wedding day memories. Mpix is a must-visit website for top-quality photographs, albums, stationery, and other items. They provide fast and free shipping throughout the US when you purchase $35 or more. Mpix makes each item by hand without outsourcing.

Celebrate your wedding day by capturing the joy in your personal Signature Photo Album to preserve your wedding photographs. Here’s the best way to create your own – the perfect keepsake for that particular day. When you’re done, use the promo coupon bridalmusings4021 to save 40% on albums until August 15th, 2021. Standard disclaimers are in effect.

First, Organize Your Favorite Photos

Before you start designing your album, begin selecting your favorite images. The photos that make you happy are those you truly love rather than those you think you should pick.

Transfer these photos to an album of favorites to organize them. You are welcome, including doubles. For instance, you could include pictures shot in portrait and landscape. Also, you can consist of images taken in color, as well as black and white. This can be beneficial as you design your album, so you get ideas on what would work most effectively with your layout when it develops.

Next, Check The Image Size & Quality

Important! Your photographer may have sent the photos to you in full, high-resolution print size. However, you’ll need to be sure! Check the size of your photos based on how you’ve stored and viewed your images. You should ensure that you’re using the most significant, highest-quality version so that they appear as crisp and clear on your page as you can.

Mpix offers a helpful guide explaining exactly how to make the most effective prints from your images.

Layout Your Album For High Drama & Intimate Moments

Mpix provides albums with square, portrait, and landscape formats. Pick the design and size that best suits your needs and is appropriate for the space you intend to store it. Imagine what it’s going to feel like when you open it. For instance, a 12″x8″ album (landscape) will expand to handle longer and more comfortably, adding to the dramatic appearance.

When you add the photos to your photo album, give yourself some moments of dramatic tension. Consider it as the pages of a magazine. Both pages can be opened together to form an album. This can help keep the mood more cohesive when someone flicks through the album.

For vertical photos, you should consider the possibility of one per page. For horizontal images, spread the ideas across two pages. Moving your pictures toward the edges of the page can create more impact. Affording your photographs to have white space around the edges can create intimate, well-framed moments. This is yours to decide.

Tell Your Story

We recommend chronologically placing your photos, leaving enough space for your style.

Begin by taking photos of the scenery, your wedding venue, or the events of the morning to establish the mood of your reception. You can then choose to get ready pictures of your dress and bridesmaids before moving on to your first photo as a couple. It’ll feel like an organic progression of the day. Include detailed images of your tables, decorations, and anything else you’ve put up before the ceremony that is significant to you. Also, let your photographs tell the reception’s story in the order they occurred that day. Then, finish with a positive note. Choose your final gift, a memorable photo from the reception or something that sums up your entire day.

Pro Tips: It’s okay to arrange your photos however you like! If you’re not interested in the style or decor of your pictures, don’t add these photos. If you’re looking to take the emotional trail and feel more connected to your partner, start your album by including a few photographs featuring you and your loved one with each other. Keep in mind that you have the right to this! It’s not necessary to post photos of anyone you do not wish to.

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