How To Find a Wedding Band (Like a Pro)


In yesterday’s blog post about finding the top suppliers and vendors, When you’re making plans for your wedding’s music and are looking for the perfect DJ, band, or ceremony performers, it is essential to be well informed.

Do your homework, set an established budget, and know what you’d like to accomplish out of your workday. Make sure you inquire about setup times and breaks during the set, as well as technical specifications.

There’s a chance to find an incredible cover band from the 80s that is inexpensive, but if planning an elegant ceremony with a black tie, perhaps the swing group would be more appropriate. Do you want nothing more than a dance floor that is full towards the close of your evening? Consider a top cover band that will play the best hits.

If the wedding will be more significant to you than the ceremony itself, then put your money into an orchestra or classical performer, and then opt for a DJ or playlist for the party to play later.

Consider the size of your venue also – a small room could be overwhelmed by a huge group of musicians. Likewise, the acoustic music of a lower-key group may be overlooked in a larger space.

The great thing about wedding music is that there are a lot of options, and you’re able to be as imaginative as you’d like to make your wedding day a unique experience. Music can make a huge impact on the overall atmosphere of your wedding, so it’s essential to think about it.

In order to help you differentiate mariachi bands and barn dances, here’s this extremely useful image by Bands For Hire for you to save, print, or pin and keep in your pocket when making plans for the wedding music.

The section on wedding band requirements is something to keep in your thoughts!

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