The Perfect Underwear To Wear Under Your Wedding Dress


Just as you think you’ve crossed all your dots and all the’s on your endless wedding plans, you discover, “Oh my goodness, I don’t have any underwear for my dress!”

I was talking with my dearest friend Christina, whom you might know, who has been planning to get married in one month and amazingly she’s getting close to the end of the wedding preparation business. The food is prepared, RSVPs are in, and the alterations have been made. However, one thing needs to be addressed: Christina is currently dressed in a dress that is her own.

I, too, had to wait until the last minute to decide that I didn’t want to be a ‘commando’ in my dress. In a crepe silk bias-cut wedding dress, I felt like being all-in. I required a pair of pants that were utterly unnoticeable beneath my skirt.

In a rush of last-minute excitement, I purchased a selection of pairs ranging from super-cheap sets at ASOS to luxurious couples purchased from Bloomingdales. The winner? Appropriately, and in a way, the brand is called Commando! They are available for purchase here and come in nearly every shape and amount of coverage (I chose the thong) in three shades, so you can find the ideal pair to match your outfit.

I loved them, so I asked my hubby to buy me more holiday pairs (after all, most of my closet is essentially just silk slippers by now). Since I immediately recommended them to my best friend’s bridesmaids, I thought I’d need to share them with everyone!

I’ve assembled a small shop with the many designs and colors below. After you’ve found your ideal set (or two), why not look for a beautiful gown to complete the stunning photos you are getting ready to take?

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