The cool Portuguese Wedding & Film with Ambient Outdoor Relaxation


The most stunning authentic wedding is like two-in-one, with the dreamy documentary and gorgeous pictures – we’re as it is!

Amanda Joao and Amanda Joao are a trendy Lisbon-based couple that created the most romantic, casual, and joyful celebration of their big day.

Combining their love of literature, design, and everything celestial, the couple’s outdoor wedding ceremony held in Portugal featured a laid-back romantic back-yard wedding atmosphere, stunning flowers, emotional speeches, string lights, and lots of music.

The film is atmospheric and produced by Happy Together Films and stunning photography by Golden Days Wedding Photography. Scroll down to read about this gorgeous wedding (check out the seating on pallets!) and learn more from the people behind the camera…

From the Filmmakers

They, Amanda Joao and Amanda Joao, are totally amazed by the universe.

The wedding was conceptualized with the “space” theme, and as the hunt became more focused, they came across the most stunning photos and textures from celestial objects.

Their station is literally an invitation to their galaxy. Amanda is Jupiter and is symbolized on the surface of Europa one, of its natural satellites. The Moon represents Joao.

It is the work of Frank Kafka. It is also very personal to the couple. They decided to incorporate one of their favorite quotes. They believe it represents the love they share for one another.

“Last night, I woke up dreaming about you. What transpired in the details I cannot recall, all I remember is that we continued to merge into each other. You were me, and you were me. You finally caught fire.” — Franz Kafka

Amanda’s main passions in life are textile and fashion, So she carefully incorporated each element of the decor to create the wedding.

As an employee of the company they manage in Lisbon, known as Nomalism, She is able to see and is in contact with the finest fabrics from around the globe. Amanda has found the most reputable vendors in her area, gathered the most innovative ideas, and created a unique design for ceremony dining, lounge, and dinner settings.

The location is an exclusive family home dating back to the 16th century where monks lived, located in the Sintra Mountains.

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