The Cliffside Views Of This Santorini Destination Wedding Are Stunning


Whether you were a fortunate guest or two grooms who looked stylish, this wedding destination on the rock faces of Santorini was an unforgettable evening to be remembered.

If Tom & Scott were engaged on the stunning volcanic island of the Aegean Sea, they immediately identified their wedding venue (as an individual employed at the Cyclades, I relate!) They were sure they needed to incorporate the famous white cave houses and the stunning sunsets into their marriage.

The couple planned their wedding in the Canaves Oia Sunday Suites. They received everything that a Santorini wedding couple could hope for views and breathtaking views! The ceremony and reception were accompanied by the most stunning scene of the island’s caldera, giving the guests and the couple the most spectacular sunset possible. (It’s natural, I’ve witnessed it!)

Our Love Story

Tom and Scott began dating in December 2014 when Scott and Tom first met. After a couple of very thrilling and rewarding years of marriage, Scott proposed on an intimate trip in the year 2017 to the beautiful Island of Santorini. At this point, the couple fell in love with Santorini’s ancient villages and stunning iconic landscape.

The wedding was held in the evening on the private balcony of Canaves Oia Suites, surrounded by candles and pink rose petals. They fell in love with the picturesque setting in a flash and decided to return next year to get married.

The Destination

We were stunned at the stunning beauty of Santorini and the caldera’s views. We wanted to create an event inspired by the island’s beautiful natural landscape while retaining Oia’s elegance and style and, most importantly, to be with our most precious family and friends.

The Planning

We aimed to ensure everything went as smoothly as possible on our wedding day. We worked closely with what could be described as an A-team of vendors, each recommended by one another because of the long-lasting relationships they’ve built. We crafted an image of our perfect wedding that they executed flawlessly.

The Photography & Details

We knew that the wedding day would create unforgettable memories throughout our marriage. We planned our wedding carefully and designed unique details to meet the guests’ wishes, like hand-crafted paper fans and carefully selected sparkling wine and champagne. We chose an event photographer who we were confident could capture the excitement and intimacy of the celebration, providing photographs you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

We viewed several wedding photographers from Santorini. We were impressed that Nathan Wyatt not only captured the beautiful beauty of Santorini but kept his eye on the fantastic images of his weddings. Shot.

The Honeymoon

We enjoyed a minion at the hotel that was our wedding venue (Canvas Oia Sunday Suites), where we spent the night at the honeymoon room for a single night before moving to the stunning main suite for the remainder of our stay.

The following year, we traveled to the Maldives wh, ich we spent the night at Kandima Resort. It was awe-inspiring. The white sand and blue ocean are precisely as seen in the Instagram photos.

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