Rustic Chic Wedding Video by Reel Weddings


We get a taste of James and Natasha’s relationship through their four-minute speech, which is sweet, funny, and charming.

Reel Weddings is the talented team behind this stunning wedding highlights video.

He is a Rugby League player for England, St Helens. She is a WAG. Natasha is the only WAG in the world who goes against stereotypes. She created all the details of their rustic wedding.

I love how James appreciates and is aware of the details that Natasha has carefully selected and created for their wedding at West Tower, in Lancashire.

She did an incredible job. There were vintage books and luggage labels, as well as lace, handkerchiefs, and twine. This is my favorite bridesmaid look ever. Thlace-edgedngth dresses were floral prints with delicate flowers (including thistles) woven into the half-up hairstyles.

Natasha was stunning in her lace high-necked wedding gown, with a lace edged veil, and a relaxed, twisted-up ‘do. The perfect rustic chic look.

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