Relaxed and Atmospheric Beach Wedding


We share real marriages because they are full of decor and details that can inspire you for your big day. Today’s backyard wedding, however, is the exact opposite.

Mia and Nathan were married on the beach in Florida in a house that has a long history of hosting large family events.

Their wedding day is full of style and creativity (don’t forget the backdrop for the ceremony! The day is full of style and creative decor (look out for the ceremony backdrop! It’s simple but also steeped in family tradition.

Christina Block Photography captured it all in her atmospheric style.

This is a very atmospheric film.

This wedding is all about the feelings that will inspire you to create your day. It’s not so much about ceremony readings or centerpieces you can pin. (Though there are some fabulous dresses to be saved for later!)

You can ask Christina Block Photography for more information.

The Photographer

Mia and Nathan were married in a beachfront family home. I don’t remember the exact number, but many people have been wed at the same house. It is a sort of tradition.

Details, florals, and dressings are beautiful. The house featured a moodier light, but we also catered for the light and airy by taking photographs of the ocean.

The wedding looks beautiful and is perfect for brides who want to have a small, intimate wedding without having to spend a fortune.

PS. The cakes looked as good as they tasted!

Our Love Story

Nathan and I met at our graduate program at the University of Florida. From the beginning, we clicked. We had a great time together.

I fell in love instantly with his family, and he did the same with mine. We began our careers and built a life in Tallahassee together. We grew our family, thereby adding Gus, who we love very much!

We left Tallahassee in order to travel Europe for 3 1/2 months. Nathan proposed to me in Florence, and I accepted.

We moved back to Atlantic Beach, FL, to plan our wedding. We adopted another dog two months after returning home, this time Dolly.

My aunt and uncle in Atlantic Beach, FL, originally belonged to my grandparents. We got married there. Our two dogs and we live right around the corner!

The Inspiration

It is a beautiful house with an elegant party. The color scheme is neutral, with touches of green and blue to highlight the property.

The Venue

In that house, my parents, aunts, and uncles all got married. The house has a special place in my life because it was where my dad lived when he went to elementary school.

The kind gesture of my aunt and uncle, who live in the area now, was to offer to host our wedding.

The Ceremony

It’s very simple. My uncle performed the ceremony. We had a vocal/harp duet called Addi and Jacq for our recessional (a song with personal meaning to myself, my aunts, and relatives) and our first dance, which was Nora Jones’ “Come Away with Me ‘.

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