How To Do A Mixed-Gender Bridal Party Right


Is your favorite guy buddy attending your bachelorette celebration? Your beautiful sister on the altar with you, along with your groomsmen? We are so happy couples have included their most loved guests in their bridal party, regardless of gender!

Coed or mixed-gender bridal parties are now the norm; we’re totally on board. It isn’t easy to think of my existence without my male friends who are the same as me, just like my women! If you, too, have male friends you’d like to honor, including them in your wedding party is an excellent opportunity to tell them how important they are to you.

If you decide to do this, it might be a good idea to consider adopting more contemporary concepts and terminology for your bridal party with coeds. While your groomsman might be having a blast with your girlfriends, you should ensure that your party isn’t exclusively about women. It’s the same for your lady friend together with your groomsmen. The goal is to make sure your besties feel comfortable with each other, no matter the person they are no or their gender. The guests at your “‘I do’ Crew,” “wedding party,” or “party people” will surely be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

Our friends from Be Inspired PR have brought together their professionals in the wedding business to share their top advice for hosting an appropriate mixed-gender wedding…

Beware of bridal-related phrases.

“Forgo to use “bridal” terms like bridal suite, bridal party and so on. and stick with more general phrases to keep your group feeling comfortable! Wedding party, getting ready suite, etc. are modern words that are interchangeable to describe anyone who is a part of your big celebration!” – AJ Williams, Founder & Creative Director of AJ Events.

Get rid of the gender stereotypes that have existed for a long time.

“Yes the Man-of-Honor could be the one in charge of your wedding gown! Naturally, you and your best Lady is able to toasts to your groom! Wedding day chores and jobs typically performed by specific genders – as in real life – need to be put aside. The people who are your family and came to help you are able to be part of whatever way you decide to play.” Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings. Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings

Do not feel pressured to utilize traditional pairings that are opposite to each other.

“Especially for events such as your procesional and the reception ceremony, the entrance of your wedding party to the reception or even photos Do not feel that you must stick to the traditional pairings of opposite genders. Instead, let the participants of your wedding party arrive on their own, or pick the person they’ll be with based on who they’re most comfortable with within the group! It’ll be more natural in this manner – gender-neutral wedding (or it’s not!” – AJ Williams, Founder and Creative Director of AJ Events.

Ask your wedding guests what they would like to hear.

“Sometimes we get overwhelmed by planning our wedding vision that we forget to ask our closest acquaintances what they’d like to wear and do on the day of our wedding. This is especially important for the idea of a gender neutral wedding. You may have a fantastic concept or idea for the outfit that will fit to the theme of your wedding. Perhaps your girls really want suits. Perhaps your male friend isn’t keen on dressing in a feminine way to look like the ladies. Instead of imposing your ideas regarding what a gender-neutral wedding celebration should look like, ask what your guests like about. ” – Claire Eliza, Editor-in-Chief of Bridal Musings.

Consider thinking beyond children.

“If your children will not attend the day of your wedding, think about substituting the traditional Flower Girl for a Flower Man or Flower Woman! The role of a Flower Man or Flower Woman will not only allow you to add another person in the ceremony, but also adds an extra dose of enjoyment for the person who takes the role.” — Ari Busch, Bridal Bliss

Simple your style by utilizing your concepts!

“When choosing to host an event that is gender neutral, it’s not necessary to change your original idea to dress your wedding in a particular fashion!

Are you in love with having your bridesmaids wear blush pink chiffon dresses? Do you want to have your “best guy” or “man of honor” wear matching accessories, like an embroidered tie in blush and the blush silk pocket square? Are you a fan of fashions of having the bridesmaids mixed and matching printed dresses? Pick a suit for men in your group that be a perfect match for the women’s gowns, for example, a neutral tan. You can also opt for something a bit more striking, for instance, a mauve tone and olive tones, based on the hues of the dresses.

Fashion options are infinite, so have fun and don’t get caught up. Your wedding will be flawlessly organized!” – Matt Ramirez, SVP of Marketing, Generation Tux.

Host a Combined Bachelor & Bachelorette Party.

“You are familiar with the phrase “How to get that perfect body in a bikini: purchase it and wear it over your body? ‘” The same goes for a gender-neutral wedding celebration! Your guests should be those who have stood behind, supported, and cherished the couple from the beginning. Whatever their gender, ensure they’re with you when you marry.

You could even think about having the bachelorette and bachelor celebration where a group adventure is with a fantastic dinner together, ensuring that everyone isn’t disengaged. Be sure that everyone is relaxed before the event and have fun!” – Ashley Lachney, the owner of Alston Mayger Events. Alston Mayger Events

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