Hire Live Musicians for Your Wedding: Expert Advice


Live Music at a wedding is a special experience.

This adds a layer of awesomeness to any event, whether you’re having a ceremony, putting on booze at a reception, getting everyone up and dancing, or doing all three.

Alive Network was definitely one of the things I wish I had known about before my wedding in 2010.

Zee and I spent hours trying to find entertainment for our drinks reception. We scoured dozens of websites and sent emails to independent bands in order to check if they were available on the date of our wedding.

We could have done all that with just a few clicks if we’d visited alivenetwork.com

Alive Network offers the UK’s biggest live music and entertainment booking service. They make booking live Music at your wedding easy.

Lucky for us, Alive Network has kindly agreed to give their top tips for hiring live musicians on your wedding day:

Live Music is a perfect accompaniment for your wedding, from the moment guests arrive at the ceremony until the last dance at night.

Booking wedding performers can be a daunting task for many brides and grooms. But it is as simple as deciding on the type of atmosphere that you want and then matching musicians and Music to it.


Let’s begin with the ceremony. The guests will arrive and take their seats 30 minutes or more before the ceremony starts. Why not treat them to some background music, such as a piano, a string quartet, or a harpist?

Pre-wedding entertainment can create a wonderful atmosphere for your guests to mingle, meet, and greet one another without the need to shout or be embarrassed by loud Music.

The same musicians can perform at the wedding itself, particularly when signing the register. You can bring a gospel or opera choir to a church service for added excitement. They could sing solos or lead hymns.

Drinks Music

Then, your guests will enjoy a drinks reception while you and your spouse are photographed. You can hire a jazz group or Rat Pack singer before your wedding dinner begins to get the party started.

Surprise your guests by having comedy-singing servers who sing when they are supposed to be serving soup!


If possible, you should choose live Music for your evening reception that will involve all of your guests. Wedding bands are usually made up of four musicians who can play a variety of songs, including modern and classic hits.

A ceilidh or energetic Irish band is a great way to bring your guests together. They are sure to get everyone up and dancing, regardless of their age or ability to dance.

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