Fun & Sunny California Barn Wedding


I may be the only one here. However, the smell of hops so enthralls me. We lived in a Northwest home surrounded by vines, and as a child, I vividly recall the aromas of hop goodness that would emanate from the bubbling brew in our kitchen.

The real couple of today put together a great and jolly party in California, along with the aid of those aromatic hops and craft beer. Julie is a pretty bride who has spent a long time in the bridal industry, and Eric, who works for Lagunitas Brewery, married their styles by using hop flowers throughout the décor and on the traditional white tiered cake and the “I I Do IPA”s.

The guests were spoilt by a selection of California wines as well as homemade blueberry jam. We’ll have a spare, Please!

Our Love Story

We hung out in the dorms during our first year at college. We both were part of the Greek community, and I went to his first formal sorority event. We became close friends over the following four years and separated when I graduated. He moved back to my hometown about two years later and, in his words, “wasn’t going to mess it up this time.”

When I tell you about our wedding, I am forced to be funny since I was completely unaware of the situation (even after he had cleaned his teeth the third time). We moved into Santa Cruz (his hometown) around six months prior, and we would frequently walk through Capitola Village… It was my birthday, and as everyone says, your first idea would be, “Why are you acting so weird?” He sank to one knee, and I let my eyes roll out. There’s no one that I’d rather spend my entire life with!

The Style

I was in the bridal industry for around three years before getting engaged. It’s a lie, in my opinion. My husband, who is now my husband, asked me what our colors were for the wedding (because his mother asked). I replied with glitter. I believe he collapsed.

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