Cool New Year’s Eve Wedding (With Lots of Lights and Sequins)


You’ll get many ideas from the present actual wedding. The style or the décor, DIYs, or even the wedding date the wedding date itself.

Angela & Wesley tied the wedding of their lives with a sparkling New Year’s Eve celebration on the beach – and it was a lot of stunning.

The couple met for a romantic sunset photo shoot on the sand with Logan Cole Photography. The couple walked towards the Ocean Institute for their intimate and meaningful candlelit wedding ceremony (I am a sucker for couples who take vows in the evening! ).

The guests gathered inside for a big celebration to welcome the new year with massive DIY marquee lights, beautiful tables, an incredible ocean backdrop, and, of course, the traditional NYE hairstyles and horns. Marisa Lara combined the whole thing from Seven Stems Floral Design and Events Planning.

From the stunning design (ALL those sequins! ) and the exquisite décor to the guaranteed mood for the party, I think this will get a lot of couples to reserve January 31 as the date for their wedding day…

Our Love Story

We met in the traditional method. In the bar.

His friend was smacking my maid of honor as we went out to an older dive bar to drink and live karaoke with a band. I thought he was cute, and we bonded and eventually fell in love during the summer.

We spent the majority of our early time together at the beach, and it only made sense the proposal took place on a typical normal Sunday afternoon in mid-air during our day at the beach.

Naturally, the same lady of honor was present to take pictures of the moment. Naturally, we learned how to return to the lake for the big day.

Our Wedding

We knew for a long time that the day we were finally married was going to take place on the night of New Year’s Eve. What could be more romantic than being married and wife at the end of the minutes of the year before welcoming the new year together?

In addition, it’s almost impossible to forget the date of our anniversary!

We want our guests to be given a reason to get all dressed up to enjoy a wonderful night at the sparkling sea. The weather was gorgeous, and we saw an absolutely breathtaking sunset to begin the evening festivities.

My brother got married to us and was able to create a ceremony that was very personal and enjoyable, just like us!

I’m a whimperer at heart, and I used the time before the wedding to delve into DIY projects. With the assistance of our family, we constructed massive marquee signs that were truly a labor of love. They were the focal point for our celebration.

I created all of the elements from the signage to the escort card, and since food has always been my way of expressing love…the CAKE.

From a yoga session with my girls early in the day and he vows that we wrote at a hot dog restaurant in Manhattan,  The day was perfect.

The only disappointing thing is that we aren’t able to play the same show each year on New Year’s Eve.

Advice for Other Couples

Pinterest and wedding planner. Pinterest is an amazing tool. Additionally, seven Stems is an excellent wedding planner.

It can aid you in identifying the things you enjoy and what you envision and make it simpler for you to communicate your ideas through the ceremony. However, knowing who your ner basis and what you would like to achieve trom for a wedding event is essential.

The planner you use will aid you in discerning your vision to the bigger view. Marisa was always around to help you brainstorm ideas, inspire and help help make your dream tarrealization

There are so many fantastic ideas floating around, and you should stick with those that resonate with most like you. So, 20 years from now, you will not be looking back on a fashion mixing up, but instead, the day that was yours.

The Ceremony

The ceremony we had was unique. It was a stunning, intimate event that was held right by the water.

The Ocean Institute courtyard is over with Dana Point Harbor. Dana Point Harbor was illuminated with glowing lanterns, hundreds of candles, a backdrop of market lights, and the XOXO marquee lettering we created with the help of our families.

My brother officiated at a lively, intimate ceremony that was uniquely ours. Our guests were able to join us for a long yoga breath and belly laughter as my brother shared the stories of our relationship as well as our time together as a couple.

We wrote vows at a hotdog restaurant located in New York, and it all was exactly as it should have been.

From the moment he dumped me in our first kiss, just like the way he would do when we were making dinner at our home. The entire night was unforgettable, and we’ll not forget the moment we held hands and looked each other in the eyes and saying I DO.

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