Why Every Groom Should Wear A Slim Fit Suit


While looking for a wedding dress, I recognized my a-line from my mermaid look as well as my illusion neckline from the back of my cowl (FYI, these are dresses for weddings, gentlemen! ).

But when it came time to purchase suits with our husband, it was not easy, particularly since he was searching for something trendy, modern, and yet comfy too.

A lot of grooms have seen images of groomsmen wearing suits with slim legs and slouchy-fitting blazers or traditional wedding tuxedos that have a modern look but don’t know what to look for when hiring or purchasing their wedding attire.

The truth? The only thing a suit or tuxedo groom needs to be aware of is slim-fit suits.

Contrary to popular opinion, slim-fit suits or tuxes aren’t about wearing a t-shirt and painted-on jacket. It’s about impeccable, tailored, appropriate, flattering cut and a stylish appearance.

To demonstrate it, We’ve teamed up together with Men’s Wearhouse to walk about why we’re in love with slim-fit suits and tuxedos in 2017.

All About the Fit

As the staff of The Men’s Wearhouse explained to them, “It really is all about fitting. The old saying “the suit makes the man” is correct A suit that is not properly fitted will make you appear less polished than wearing a suits at all.”

Whatever suit or tuxedo you’re searching for, the most important factor is to ensure it’s a great suit.

It shouldn’t look too big and bulky, but equally, you don’t want to look too tight. A slim-fit suit must be able to move and comfortable, and you should be able to perform your dance moves without ripping your pants.

(True story (True story): this occurred to my husband during the wedding of his friends. It was the dance-off. He stayed the remainder of the evening dressed in jeans!)

Before beginning your search, ensure that you’re correctly measured (don’t attempt to measure yourself!) Visit the Men’s Wearhouse store or use their handy Fit Evaluation Tool to assist you in placing your online purchase.

Quick Guide to the Slim Fit

What’s a slim fit really all about?

As the name suggests, a slim-fit suit or tuxedo will fit closer to your body without a lot of fabric. It’s not as tight as a super-hero bodysuit. However, it is still capable of using your arms.

A slim cut goes well with a slight bow or tie and can be paired with a fashionable style of shoe or classic shoes. Perhaps even add a pyramid fold like the one worn by Don Draper to your pocket square?

For jackets, slim-fit suits feature a thinner coat with higher arm holes to create a narrower style. And for pants, consider skinny fitting pants with the lowest rise and shorter, leaner legs.

It is great in a three or two-piece suit. It is great with a formal tuxedo. It is the best of all; slim-fit suits can be worn casually or dressed up to tie it up.

Every Guy Suits a Slim Fit

A slim-fit suit or tux can be extremely versatile.

Slim-fit suits are a great option for a variety of different bodies and can help slim bigger shapes without obscuring narrower frames. Slim-fitting suits aren’t just reserved for people who look like male models.

No matter if you’re super slim, small built, or are a bigger man, They look stunning for every man and will make any groom look like a rockstar.

Some guys may be concerned about whether a slim-fit suit isn’t trendy enough. Slim-fit cases have been around for a long time and are now a modern, timeless style.

No matter if you’re a sophisticated kind of guy, elegant, or looking for something more trendy, change the color, pattern, or accessories of an elegant tuxedo or suit. You are able to match it with any groomsman or groomsman.

A Designer Touch

Men’s Wearhouse is the best source for tuxedo and suit rentals and furchases for the whole bridal celebration.

With their huge selection, They’re well-positioned to help you choose the ideal outfit for your special event.

However, the area where Men’s Wearhouse really stands out is its collection of movie-star-suitable tailored suits, tuxes, and designer outfits. With slim-fitting pieces from names like BLACK by Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, and Joseph Abboud, even the most sophisticated groom can discover something that will suit his style.

I’m pretty obsessed with the navy Calvin Klein slim-fit tuxedo with black lapel. It’s easy to imagine it on a red carpet, do you not? This elegant black tuxedo from Vera Wang Gray Tux is a chic rental choice and is a contemporary alternative to the classic black tuxedo.

If you’d like to look truly special, consider the Men’s Wearhouse customized suit options for a tailored-to-order custom-made touch.

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