This Czech Meadow Wedding Shows Why You Should Support Local Vendors


The wedding was casual, beautiful, and packed with local artisans and vendors. Today’s Czech Republic wedding has everything we love about an outdoor meadow wedding.

In the gorgeous mountains that surround South Monrovia & photographed by Carol’s Darkroom, The countryside wedding celebrates all that is in the area. The food, the flowers, and the gown were all sourced from nearby villages! The beautiful and whimsy

Our Love Story

Tinder love 🙂 We both were lucky to be the first to meet through the app. After we met, we realized the story wouldn’t be over. We can every moment of our meeting, and we continue to talk about it from time time to and have laughed throughout the years since that day.

Our proposal was the second year as a couple. We took a mountain hike on the Alpen Strasse in Austria, heading towards the Grossglockner. I was already expecting aour son (3 months) and did not know about his plans. While preparing for our baby, we knew we were looking forward to being together, but we didn’t talk about getting married. To me, it wasn’t so important. And, of course, it’s the guy who “must inquire’ to match, right?

My spouse is incredibly romantic and has been planning and saving for the ring for nearly a year (!) We decided to snap a photo, and as I sat there smiling for on camera (it is recording!) I could feel his heart beating to the point of being a tiger! And I questioned him what was wrong. He looked at me, tears streaming down his face, his voice shaking, and sank to his knees. Naturally, I replied, “Yes!”

After the proposal, I received a second surprise – an Austrian trip and a proposal for a short film. I am in love with this woman so much!

The ical gown also included an exclusive Monrovian lace, which makes the embroidery extra sentimental for the bride from our local area.

Why do we get so excited about the local specifics? Shopping for flowers in season, planning a local menu, and purchasing the latest fashions and decorations from the neighbors make a beautiful scene and aid in saving the Earth! These steps eliminate emissions from transporting exotic food items and flowers. This could be avoided by showing off your city’s beautiful flora and food!

The Planning

Since we are both trying to live in harmony with the natural world (not enough, but we are getting there), I tried to plan as much as possible in an honest manner. For instance, the bouquet I selected for our wedding was grown locally while the marriage took place. Nearly all the food I ate was locally sourced, as was my dress made of local fabric by a local seamstress.

The Dress & Attire

Sobje local dressmakers created the dress I wore to my wedding. We also used lace embroidery, typical of the Moravian region where the marriage occurred and where I was born and raised. The hangers I wore were constructed from the lacing. While deciding on the dress, we pondered that the wedding ceremony would occur in the field and the tent near the woods. I wanted my dress to be ideal to match the surroundings. My groom wore an elegant suit but not a tie or any other accessories.

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