The Best Bridal Salons In Texas


My favorite aspect concerning Texan weddings is that they’re all in for their marriages, no matter the kind of wedding they are planning. A small backyard ceremony with candles lit is a dream in awe; the old-fashioned ballroom wedding with a live jazz band is unforgettable; the outdoor villa that can accommodate 300 guests and a massive dancefloor is truly fun!

Making their dreams come to realizing their goals is an art form. Texas has its version of “go big or go home” because everything is more expensive in Texas.

With all the incredible plans taking form, it can be hard to decide the best places to add to the “must” list. So let’s relieve the stress of the search for a dress. If you’re searching for the perfect gown that’s as individual as you, These are the bridal boutiques you should go to.

Simply grab the “I Do Crew” and let your dream dress discover you.


A&Be’s bridal shop: As a stylist for A&BE, I’m somewhat biased toward this store! As a trusted adviser and confidant, stylists at this shop are among the top in the industry and will make you have the most enjoyable experience when you choose the perfect dress to suit your needs. From modern and clean-cut models like Alyssa Kristin to Anais Anette to boho and lacy styles like Rue de Seine and Made With Love, There’s an array of designs (and dimensions!) that are thoughtfully curated to appeal to the modern, open-minded bride.

Do I love the modern-day mid-century style at Unbridaled’s Houston store? It’s gorgeous and a perfect setting to express “yes” to the ideal dress. With modern, structured gowns from Rose + Williams and bohemian and romantic designs of brands like Rue de Seine, throw all your worries away to let you feel the “unbridaled” bliss of finding the perfect dress before you.

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