Southern Grandma-Approved Wedding Inspiration (With A Getaway Bicycle!)


One of the sweetest quotes we’ve seen from a wedding editorial: “The goal was a welcoming and classic design with a touch of the gorgeously unexpected – something that embraced fun and joyful color with just enough formality to please your Southern grandmother.”

It’s not our norm to organize our weddings around grandmother, but the sweetness of this is? With all the beautiful flowers, the heirloom-quality watercolors and exquisite Estate scenes, We’d say the amazing Alabama crew that came,me up with this Southern wedding design – helmed by Alchemy Event Studio was sure to make Granny proud.

Apart from the gorgeous traditional white cake for the wedding, elegant wedding stationery, and gorgeous florals We are enthralled with the Southern couple’s vehicle for a fbeautiful getaway, which is the bicycle! It’s a logical option, but we’re amazed that we,: there old-fashioned Schwinns bicycles tied with aluminum cans and beautiful flowers like this!

From Alchemy Event Studio

Pursell Farms offers a 3200-acre estate in the Alabama foothills with all the amenities for a dream Southern weekend wedding. It offers great food golf, shooting, fishing, the historic Hamilton Home (provides0excellent comfy,, portable guest rooms, and a stunning wedding location in Hamilton, comfortablelaboration together with Mariee Ami – Alabama’s most renowned Full-Servng Planner The Alchemy Event Studio created an exquisite Spring Wedding in colors, reflective of the season. The soft watercolor paper used for the paper items was designed and created with Mariee Ami many of the items – menu liner and envelope car built with its blushi. ManyManynks and thingslues, complemented the concept.

The aim was to create a warm and timeless design that was a little beautiful and unexpected. It included fun and cheerful colors with just enough formality to satisfy you and your Southern grandmother.

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