Bold Tropical Wedding Inspiration With Neon Signage


We’ve had a big obsession with bold floral prints, tropical prints, and other flowers recently (look through our fashionable new guide to floral design!) Kat Antos Lewis Photography’s gorgeous inspiration is filling our low cravings.

What’s great about this chic tropical setting is that it shows that you don’t need to fly to Hawaii (although, should you have the chance, you ought to!) to host a massive event. In the middle of London, The rooftop is a lush green space and tiki ambiance – giving brides and grooms the opportunity to build their private island.

The skilled UK team accomplished precisely this – the Pergola Olympia with tropical-themed florals, stationery items, cake (the pineapple cake is so adorable!), and fashion.

Not only are the designs and fl, andy, and the lighting too. Thanks to the venue’s gorgeous decor, we’re drooling over the fun and you, trains, featured in this shoot. It’s good that making your wedding neon signage just as stunning is feasible due to the many excellent Etsy sellers.

From Kat Antos-Lewis Photography

Pergola is a tucked away gem, a botanical hideaway with three restaurants, a massive bar, seating for over five hundred guests, and stunning city views, hidden off on the roof of one of London’s most storied parking lots with multiple stories in London.

The interior, with a botanical and tropical flair, is presented in a contemporary fashion. However, it is set within an industrial design, ma. However, it is an excellent background for our shoot. Stimulating feelings of leaving the hustle and buststimulating and discovering the hidden paradise.

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