Shades of Blue Tropical Inspired Charleston Wedding


We love the new inspiration for palms in the floral world! Inspired by the Palmetto state’s iconic image, striking palm fronds are the mainstay (literally as well as metaphorically!) of this vibrant and cheerful Charleston wedding.

The fronds are incorporated into centerpieces and bouquets on the groom’s stunning South Carolina ties, Their forms are echoed in other scents and fluttering in the breezes of the low country all around the wedding venue. The color of our bride, Pamela’s choice of blue in all shades, is incorporated into the wedding decor, which includes blue palm-colored table runner invitations in watercolor as well as her gorgeous blue shoes.

We are amazed by how personal and touching the day is, from amazing vendors who pay attention to Pamela’s favorite items to the surprise tune to his wife’s new husband during the wedding reception.

Our Love Story

We’re both teachers, and both started working at the same institution the same year as newbies to this school went through the same time for preparation and began having a lot of casual conversations. In the Spring of that season, Bob asked me out to dinner, and we instantly realized the things we had in the same. One thing we like to do is taste food. Bob took me to a great BYOB establishment in Philly. We sat for hours talking, and when we were done, we were the only guests at the restaurant.

Since then, we’ve been eating out in the city quite often to try different cuisines. Our favorite – Italian. Another thing I liked is that the family loved immediately, and the reverse was true. We easily became part of the other’s families. I was awed by the way Bob would speak of his little girl with enthusiasm and love. Overall, I was impressed by his honesty and honesty.

The Proposal

I was sure that it would take place. He suggested that we visit his parents’ home on the beach prior to the conclusion of this school’s madness. It was April, which meant it wasn’t a particularly pleasant time to visit the beach, and I was sure something was going on. On a Saturday morning, we went to the beach; he got me up quite early even though he knew that II wasnot one for mornings. He stated that he wanted to observe the sunrise. I was skeptical that the moment was in front of me, and, despite not being an early riser, I was able to drag myself up from the bed.

We went to the beach to watch the ssunrisetogether. After that, he said that he would go back to the home. In my head, I was so shocked at the thought that nothing could take place because it was an ideal chance. I turned to get my belongings, and the next thing I knew he w,as already on the knee when I turned back. It was the most amazing, surprise!

The engagement ring was a gift from my grandmother. My mom had gifted the ring to Bob as we knew that we would get married. Bob was able to reset the rcallto the setting I enjoyed (I had given him my Pinterest board about it. The title of my Pinterest board is “Hi Bob, Ring Setting Right Here”)

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