Santorini Is The Perfect Micro Wedding Destination


We believe you can create wedding memories anywhere, no matter your wedding style and guest list. Some locations emit certain moods with ease; one of them is that private Santorini wedding.

Being married to a woman in the Cyclades and having experienced newly-wed happiness in Santorini and Santorini, I have firsthand experience of the stunning tiny island this gem of the Aegean is. Believe the hype; these postcards are real. Santorini is the ultimate Greek wedding destination.

Why is it suitable for Micro Weddings? Tiny cliff homes are stacked on top of one another and overlook the Caldera. Small chapels with blue-domed roofs make for a stunning background. Private, exclusive villas with tiny pools await you as your guest. You could bring the entire group to Santorini for a grand celebration. We’d say the unique size and character of these small villages on the cliffs of Santorini is as it gets. Also, traveling to Greece and cruising through the warm blue waters might be more accessible for a selected handful of guests.

Want more proof? We have many personal Santorini weddings to delight you on our blog.

However, the photos taken by Kimonas Photography show that Santorini was explicitly designed to be a small-scale wedding location. Still, it’s possibly the most gorgeous vow renewal we’ve ever witnessed. Sophia & Ralph, having spent a lot of their love in Santorini, changed a few things in their plans for the wedding because of COVID-19 (just as many of you are reading!). Finally, they moved away from the traditional wedding ceremony to commemorate their vow renewal on their Cycladic island.

I might need to convince my husband to allow Avia Pervia Weddings to design our personal Santorini vow renewal on this stunning day.

From Avia Pervia Weddings & Events

Indeed, we aren’t in the best times to live in (internationally), and perhaps the most effective solution for all brides and grooms would be to delay their wedding and not postpone their marriage or not.

The Italian couple, Sophia and Ralph, chose to turn their dreamy wedding into a miniature one on the beautiful island of Santorini in July of last year, along with a few close family and friends.

In 2016, the lovely couple traveled to Santorini and fell utterly in love with the island, so they decided to return each year! The beautiful island has been their second home, and everything is like home. In July 2018, Ralph requested Sophia to marry the couple while they were in Santorini during their summer vacation. They instantly decided that the best place to get married should be the spot that brought them closer to the love of their love for each other: Santorini.

The design of the wedding of Ralph and Sophia was a joy for us, thanks to this challenging wedding season that our industry was battling Covid-19 and the pandemic.

The Dress & Wedding Style

This wedding was full of glamour and was infused with romance and luxury. Everything is stunning, from the bridal attire, including the stunning bridal gown made by ” Made Bride” by Antonea, the gorgeous floral decoration by “Fillo Flowers,” and the lavish ceremony and reception setup decorations.

The entire design of the wedding, along with the color palette, which featured white and light blue accents, was created by our dear bride Sofia as it’s her preferred color and was based on the expectations our couple had given to us.

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