How To Plan A Luxurious Wedding At Home


The home is where the heart is, and that’s also the place where weddings are held! This year, we anticipate an increase in couples who host extravagant at-home weddings, lavish backyard weddings, and intimate weddings at their homes. This has given us a reason for Bridal Reflections to consider how we feel about wedding planning. But don’t worry; we won’t give up on any excuse to indulge in luxury or extravagance.

Brides, we’re here to assist you in elevating your intimate home-based wedding into something extravagant and beautiful. We’re sharing wedding planning ideas in addition to these gorgeous dresses by Moonlight Bridal so that you can begin your wedding planning and shopping for your dress! The benefits of having your wedding in your home can save the cost of a venue and an extra budget for the specifics.

Gorgeous designs from Moonlight Bridal featuring sparkling fabrics will capture the sun’s rays and shine through an evening of romance. The elements like this open-back style and boldly shaped trains will make you feel extravagant. There’s a stunning Moonlight Bridal dress for any wedding theme you choose, and it will take you to a serene mental state.

A smaller wedding means you have fewer guests to treat to a feast (along with you, naturally!) We’re here to assist. Spend your money on your ideal photographer, extravagant floral arrangements, the finest champagne, and your dream wedding dress.

Our most popular home wedding planning tip? Budget your wedding to meet your desires. So, let’s start planning for your extravagant wedding in the comfort of your home.

Dress In Luxury

Brides are utilizing the smaller wedding as an excuse to wear their best (and we’re in!). This means that you can wear multiple outfits!

Moonlight Bridal has everything from multi-layered, striking ball gowns to elegant Mermaid dresses embellished with crystals. Choose a dress that speaks to the mood or theme you’re looking for on the day. You aren’t required to pick only one.

Set The Tone With Stationery

There is nothing that tells guests what kind of celebration they can expect to have, like thoughtful wedding invites or stationery. From the first look, I can quickly identify the type of wedding I’m invited to based on the design, paper, color, and style of every wedding invitation.

If you want to enhance your home wedding, go for sexy wedding invitations. Use luxurious ribbons, papers or wax seals, stamps, and extravagant features such as hand-written letterpress, calligraphy, and perhaps even watercolor. Using all your beautiful pieces, you can let your guests know this isn’t a typical backyard wedding.

Establish A Dress Code

The fact that it’s at home does not mean that your guests aren’t able to dress up! Include on that wedding stationery that the attire (black tie or white tie, perhaps cocktail attire) is expected by your bridal party. If you dress up in a fancy way while your wedding guests dress up, your party will feel posh.

Over-the-Top Floral Installations

There’s no such thing as too many flowers. We imagine greenery garland hanging across the entire home, in the dining tent, or cascading down the table’s center.

Get a florist to create a striking floral design to create a stunning backdrop for your wedding ceremony, and your guests can utilize it as a backdrop for photos later! Wherever you want to imagine, flowers can be incorporated. We encourage you to be wild!

Extra-luxe tip: gift your guest’s miniature floral arrangements to take home.

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