Romantic Italian wedding in the Tuscan countryside


The wedding of Giulia & Luca in Tuscany was simply stunning.

This wedding was captured fabulously by Stefano Santucci. We wish we could share hundreds of photos to show the rolling Tuscan landscape and the joyous family and friends of this couple.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to settle for photos of a gorgeous dress, stunning flowers, an amazing location, or a loving couple.

The Attire

The bride wore a dress decorated with florals and lace embroidered on it. The groom wore a traditional gray suit with a blue vest.

We asked our guests to wear green clothing that reflects the theme of the wedding.

The Music

A cellist and violinist played classical music during the church ceremony.

During cocktail hour, a DJ played lounge. The DJ also played music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and today’s theme for the party.

We danced the first dance to “Face in the Crowd” by Lionel Richie.

The Theme

The wedding theme was green colors and countryside.

We chose different aromatic herbs to name the tables at the dinner. The “tableau de marriage” (seating plan) was decorated with green accents.

Flowers & Decorations

A bouquet of wildflowers, roses, and peonies.

The same flowers were used to make centerpieces on a bed containing rosemary.

For the witnesses of the bride, a buttonhole with an old rose was used.

The castle owners decorated the rooms and garden with lanterns and candles.

Favorite Moments

My favorite moments were the father of the bride’s speech at dinner, the first dance, and the bouquet tossing in the garden outside the church.

All our friends from around the world have come to celebrate this special day with us.


We had an aperitif outside in the garden, followed by dinner in the castle’s lounge. The cake was cut out in the courtyard.

Advice to other couples

We chose the location carefully to ensure the success of our event. To create the mood we desired for our wedding, we decided to spend the most money on floral decorations.

The music chosen must be appealing to all ages.

It is important to choose the right photographer for your wedding. This will determine the quality of memories that you will have.

We decided to do a reportage on our event, which would have allowed us to get photos of everyone in their natural poses.

The guests loved the photo booth, which had accessories to dress in. This was our photographer’s original idea.

It’s so chic! The table is simple and elegant, with herbs. How beautiful is Giulia’s hair? I’m sure a lot of you lovely ladies pinned this one!

Thank you to Stefano Santucci and, of course, Luca & Guilia for letting us into this romantic Italian wedding.

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