Cool Palm Springs Engagement Photograph

Cindy and Charlton make a stylish couple. It’s only fitting that the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, which has just opened an East London section on this side of the Atlantic, was the setting for their desert engagement shoot.

Chaz Cruz, a Brooklyn-based photographer, was the perfect person to capture this day.

Before we let you enjoy these amazing photos, let Cindy tell us about Charlton and her atmospheric choice of location…

I don’t think Charlton and I discussed where we wanted to take the photos when we decided to have an engagement session.

It was clear that the Ace Hotel & Swim Club had all the elements of a perfect location: character, style, and personal touch.

We considered the hotel as a possible venue for our wedding in October 2014. However, we decided not to book it, so taking engagement photos at this location was a great compromise.

Charlton and I are huge music lovers, so we frequent the Coachella Valley Music Festival in Indio. The Ace Hotel, as well as the surrounding desert landscapes, are not just beautiful backdrops. They are also a place where we can relax, enjoy great music and company, bask in the sun, and take in the stunning sunsets.

The desert and Ace Hotel & Swim Club will always hold a special place in our hearts. We are so happy to have Chaz capture the joy of this unique location.

We think they depict our fun, laid-back, up-for-anything style perfectly!

It’s a beautiful place. I like that they picked a location with meaning for their engagement photo shoot. This is a great idea.

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