Planning A Wedding On A Budget


At first glance, planning a wedding on a budget can be very intimidating, however, once you sit down and think of how to do it, the exercise can be a lot of fun. There are numerous inconspicuous ways to cut corners that are would even be perceived as stylish and elegant. For example, you can opt to design, print and personalize your wedding invitations and thank you notes on special paper stock. When planning a wedding on a budget, make sure to make a checklist of the various expenditure items and the maximum you are willing to spend on each. This way, you can keep track of your expenditures, keep yourself within budget constraints and even come up with savings.

If you prepare the food yourself, you’ll definitely save a lot. This includes the wedding cake; there are plenty of beautiful, easy to make wedding cake recipes in magazines and the internet that rival even the most expensive wedding cake. Baking your own wedding cake not only saves you money, you’ll also have fun ball doing it with friends and relatives. The key to planning a wedding on a budget is to plan ahead, get organized and stay focused. Use your imagination when planning a wedding on a budget; wedding event planners charge a good sum of money for something as simple as a mint and nut cups. Instead of buying crystal, you can use other types of containers like a china vase, twine basket or something else that reflects your personality. It’s loads of fun being a little different. Use candles inside glass vases for centerpieces.

Keep the food simple. Make sure there is enough for all the guest but not too much. You might even consider hors d’oeuvres, mini sandwiches or Mediterranean-style toasts with olives, hummus and assorted pickles on top! If you have a friend who can sing, a good cook or has photography for a hobby, now is the best time to flatter them out of their shoes. Most people are flattered to be asked to participate in a wedding. Maybe you know someone who makes crafts. She might be willing to help out with the decorations. When you’re planning a wedding on a budget, think about the things you might be able to borrow like punchbowls, serving pieces and things you would only use once and friends’ hobbies and skills that they may be more than willing to contribute for the most important event in your life. Weddings are not about how much money you plan to spend for the occasion. Do not start off your marriage with debt you can ill afford and will most likely regret. It’s better to spend the savings you make from planning a wedding on a budget on your honeymoon!

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