Planning A Second Wedding


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For some people, a wedding is a distinctive moment that happens once in a lifetime. However,  there are instances when some of us have to marry for the second, and sometimes even third time. Having gone through one wedding does not necessarily mean that planning a second wedding is generally easier because of the experience gained. Impossible as it may seem, planning a second wedding is as hard, if not harder. This is the reason we put together some tips to make your task straightforward if you are planning a second wedding.

Design an action plan

Just like your first wedding, planning a second wedding has equally the same, if not more, details that have to be addressed including where the will wedding take place, how much your budget is, who to invite, what to wear, what will the menu be, and a host of other considerations. Planning a second wedding requires an action plan. The first thing on the agenda, of course, is the budget. Your budget will ultimately dictate everything else when planning a second wedding. If you have not yet decided on a wedding date, it is best to allow a minimum of six to eight months to plan your second wedding. Six to eight months is more than enough time for your to reserve a reception venue, talk to a minister, buy all the clothes and accessories, etc.

With all the considerations that have to be taken into account and resolved (more so if both of you have children from first marriages), planning a second wedding can be even more difficult than your first wedding. Whom to invite is another important question. Once a decision is made on the venue of the wedding, then whom to invite will come easy because of proximity to locations of the people you plan to invite. For small or medium weddings, it is suggested to invite only the family and some close friends. In some cases, if the couple goes on their honeymoon trip right after the reception, make sure that planning for the second wedding includes buying the airplane tickets, hotel reservations, and limousine service to take the newlywed couple to the airport.

A few tips

Other considerations that have to be addressed in planning a second wedding is the trousseau. The second time bride now has the choice to wear white which was not acceptable some yuears ago, however, a veil is definitely out of the question as it represents virginity. In case children from first marriages are involved, they must be given equally important roles in the ceremony to symbolize the joining of the two families. Planning a second wedding is not without the accompanying headaches but it is a perfect occasion to make things different from both your first weddings and avoid previous mistakes.

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