New Destinations for Your Wedding Abroad


We have talked about our love for destination marriages before.

While the desire to get married at home may be strong in some couples, there are many reasons why they would choose to match abroad.

You can have all your guests in one place for a few days without interruptions from “real life.” You can also explore a new destination or return to a special location for your wedding. There are better chances of finding sunnier climates or snowy peaks.

Then there are the financial benefits. Getting married abroad can often mean more for your money. You can spend less money on your wedding if you have more than $15,000 to spend. This includes everything from flowers to accommodation to food.

Let’s face it: distant shores can be so romantic compared to the everyday places you visit.

It is for these reasons that choosing a wedding destination off the beaten track is a great idea.

The cost of weddings has increased in recent years due to cheaper flights. While it is true that countries such as Spain, France, and Italy are stunningly beautiful and have hosted so many destination marriages for good reason, the number of couples from overseas who choose to marry in these locations has increased.

You can save money by choosing a destination that is not as well-established for weddings. Your guests will also enjoy a new, exciting experience, perhaps somewhere they have never visited or considered before.

Here are five of the most popular wedding destinations abroad.

Swap Spain with… Morocco

Morocco is on the rise.

Here, even top UK model Poppy Delevingne held her star-studded nuptials.

Morocco offers a wide range of wedding venues, from the riads in Marrakech to the Casablanca kasbahs. It is an incredibly beautiful and versatile country.

Weddings in Morocco can be a lavish affair, with extravagant colors, textures, and atmospheric settings. They are also adorned with candles, wine, and delicious food.

This North African country, only 15 km from Spain, has a wealth of potential for an unforgettable wedding, from the iconic Moorish architecture to dramatic deserts and romantic rose gardens.

Start here: Boutique Souk is a wedding planner who specialises in creating unique events for clients from overseas. The website is jam-packed with wedding inspiration. You’ll be booking flights to Morocco in no time.

Swap Italy with… Slovenia

Lake Bled has replaced Lake Como and Lake Garda.

Lake Bled in Slovenia is just as beautiful as its Italian counterparts.

It is customary to have the grooms carry their brides all the way up the 99 steps of the Church of the Assumption of Mary, which sits in the middle of the lake. This is to ring the wish bell. Take a gondola across the lake with Bled Castle towering above you like something from a fairytale.

Slovenia has a wealth of beautiful locations for destination weddings, including the capital, Ljubljana, which is the prettiest town in the world, and also a castle overlooking it. Piran, a seaside resort on the Adriatic with a strong Venetian influence, is another stunning location.

Where do you begin? Primára Bled is the leading destination wedding planner in the country. They can arrange everything from castle weddings in winter to summer gondola rides.

Swap Thailand with… Cambodia

South East Asia offers a stunningly beautiful location for a wedding.

The most beautiful people, the best food and white sands. With so many tourists in the area, you may find it difficult to find a place to celebrate your wedding without being disturbed.

Cambodia is a country that, after many years of struggle, has finally found its way. It brings with it beautiful temples and beaches, resorts and restaurants, and exquisite cuisine.

You can find your piece of paradise on the beaches in Kep or Sihanoukville. Islands like Song Saa in the Koh-Rong Archipelago are largely unexplored, unlike their Thai counterparts in the Gulf.

The Angkor Temples are located in the north. They make for the perfect backdrop to your wedding photos, whether it’s the sunrise over Angkor Wat taken from a hot-air balloon or the sunset over Tonle Sap Lake from a floating home.

Cambodia is an unforgettable country. It is atmospheric, beautiful, and friendly. Whether you are eloping with your partner or traveling with family and friends, it is the perfect place.

It’s okay if the South of England is not your first choice of a wedding destination or budget-friendly wedding.

This part of the globe is often overlooked when it comes time to host weddings in wine regions, but (thanks to global warming!) In the last few years, this region has seen thriving vineyards and gorgeous summers.

Beautiful vineyards are emerging in places like Sussex and Kent, offering not only the best local wines but also the best of British food and hospitality.

While they may not have the same reputation for weddings that the vineyards in mainland Europe do, many of them will still offer tasting rooms and restaurants on-site, which give the venue a more rustic feel.

Guatemala, nestled in Central America between Mexico and Belize, is an untapped and beautiful destination for weddings.

This small country, which stretches from the Caribbean to the Pacific, is home to a variety of attractions, including the melting pot of Guatemala City, the volcanic highlands of Antigua, the picturesque Mayan villages at Lake Attilan, and the relaxed beach vibes in Puerto San Jose.

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