An Effortless Family Wedding in France


Imagine what it would feel like to attend a French wedding.

Preparing for the wedding in an old farmhouse, surrounded with antiques and photographs. Spend the day avoiding gentle rain with friends, laughter, wine, and cheese.

Juliette and David’s wedding was a beautiful family affair with a rustic yet chic style. The Dordogne countryside provided the perfect setting for the event, which combined great food, gorgeous style, and great company.

A wedding with a classic theme was given a modern touch by using a palette of grays and yellows.

Baby’s Breath Bundles were scattered around the table, and the South of France staples of Champagne, Fois Gras, and Beef Chateaubriand were the stars.

In the middle of all this, we have this beautiful, smiling couple, David looking dapper with his animated, bow-tied suit, and Juliette, a stunning bride wearing a Delphine Manivetdress complete with an oh-so-chic pussy ribbon at the back.

This fun family event at Juliette’s home celebrates all that is wonderful about Southern French culture.

I love the effortlessly chic look of it all – and Juliette’s gorgeous lace dress is just amazing.

Thank you to Cinzia Brunchini for the beautiful photos and to Juliette & David for sharing your wonderful day.

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