Warm Winter Wedding in a Hidden Los Angeles Italian Villa


It’s amazing to think that a rustic Italian villa location is within the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Our actual couple took advantage of the cozy vintage elegance in the Carondelet Home, and it’s incredibly romantic!

Alexis and Luis have been friends since high school but didn’t know about each other until they formed an ensemble named BEATMO following college. After playing for more than six years, Luis confessed to Alexis that he compared every girl he met to her, and if he found one who was similar to him, he’d like to date the girl. Luis then concluded by saying, “Until that time comes, I will be waiting for you.” What can you not fall in love with?!

We are unable to help but notice how in love and passionate the two are due to their mysterious expressions and touching photos taken by Amanda McKinnon.

The Proposal

On the day of my birthday, he got me up and informed me he was planning a special surprise for me outside. When I went to the entrance to our backyard, I saw that the backyard had been transformed. There were candles in white and rose petals right at my feet, leading to a beautiful picnic area that was set up with white lanterns made of paper and pink flowers hanging from our trees with white pillows, the blanket of a huge picnic with 12 red roses donuts, champagne and fresh orange juice, gifts and a sign that said, “Happy Birthday Baby!” I was ecstatic! I’ve always dreamed of having an outdoor picnic, and this was my dream that was realized!

Luis was then able to tell him, “Open your gift,” and then handed me a gift bag of gold. I replied with a, “No! I’m here to be able to relax and enjoy the moment, which is why this day picnic was the perfect one.” He replied, “I have another gift for you now,” and pulled out an unmarked white box out of his purse and asked me to marry him! It was a wonderful surprise! When I agreed, I opened another present, which was a framed photo of the two of us, with “In it to win it!” It was written across the top.

After we took time to hug and absorb the moment the moment, his sisters came out and wowed me. They recorded the entire proposal and assisted him in transforming our backyard while I was in bed. I am extremely blessed to be a part of their family and have an incredibly romantic and thoughtful proposal.

The First Look

The memories Luis and I had the privilege of sharing were unforgettable. Our first glance was an amazing and intimate moment that I am thankful to have had the opportunity to experience. I was terrified prior to meeting him, but seeing his beautiful eyes gave me the confidence to feel secure once more before we took that long walk through the aisle.

The Venue

Since our wedding took place in December, we had Winter as a reference point, and the beautiful venue for our wedding, The Carondelet House, was a great source of inspiration. Our wedding colors were dark maroons, berries, lighter mauve, and white, gray, and gold,, along with mercury glass highlights. We wanted the design to be a romantic one with simplicity and elegance.

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