This is a romantic, funny, beautiful wedding film (that will make you cry!)


I won’t lie… I wept watching this film about a wedding. I also cried when I watched it again.

It’s been said before that videos are a great way to document your wedding.

Lauren & Steve’s wedding film, created by Reel Weddings, is a perfect example. It captures the love words, the emotional first glances, the funny moments, and the serious moves of the dancefloor.

This teepee-style wedding in North Berwick, Scotland, is full of gorgeous details that you can borrow for your big day. Sparklers, firepits, and sloe Gin are just a few! The elegant style (Lauren’s gown is stunning) and the love story are all part of this teepee wedding.

Aaron, from Reel Weddings, will tell you a bit more about the couple and their wedding before you play.

The Filmmaker

They met when they were students and used to shoot zombies together on the PS3. True love is about this.

From the various cameras scattered (Steve’s job) to including fire as a theme (sharing romantic bonfire evenings). The day was a mix of their personalities, from the scattered cameras (Steve’s work) to the music of fire (romantic bonfire nights together ).

The music by Mister Kanish, which was performed at the beginning of the film, accentuated this. The other choice of music will be familiar to zombie game fans.

This was all located in North Berwick; where else could you find a teepee?

Watch Lauren & Steve’s Sweet Wedding Film

This line is so perfect! Steve’s comments about Lauren’s enthusiasm and humor (alongside her father’s first glance) made me cry.

It’s great to see people appreciate all of your hard work.

Thank you to Wedding Films and Lauren & Steve, who shared their beautiful wedding video.

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