Romantic & Candid Wedding Film from Ireland


Today, we relived Roisin and Gary’s amazing Irish wedding with you all and stunning photos by Brosnan Photography.

When you thought that you could not squeeze more beauty into your wedding, We’re back with their stunning wedding video. And I’m thrilled they’re sharing it!

It’s not like I’m declaring this because they’re my acquaintances (and because I make appearances on the side!) However, this film, written and produced by Ciaran Dooley, is quite special.

It’s not just a way to sum up the fun and feel and energy the day was, but also captures the essence of Roisin and Gary together as a couple: Creative and cool, enthusiastic about traveling and food, attracted to an amazing party, and completely in love with one another.

As if there were any doubt that the pair was meant to be, we’ve got a touching tale from Roisin, who was able to share it with us during the day. It shows why these college sweethearts were struck with gold right from the beginning…

The very first summer we were together, I worked in an outfit rental shop; among the services that we offered was printing wedding candles with personalized designs.

It was while cleaning out my press when I came across an unlit candle with the words “Roisin and Gary’, and I took it home to share laughter (we were all young enough that it didn’t seem unwelcome or desperate at this point).

Ten years later, and just a few months before we were married, I scoured the attic of my parents’ home and discovered the candle inside a long-lost box. It was lit in our wedding ceremony, which I adored.

I was 19 and didn’t have much, but she recognized a good man when she saw him.

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