Orchard Weddings in France: Romantic, intimate and intimate


This real wedding will leave you glowing!

Frederik and Karel, a Belgian married couple, celebrated their wedding in a relaxed three-day celebration at a castle located in France.

The setting was idyllic, with a simple DIY decor and a personal, intimate atmosphere. There were also LOTS of puppies! Their day was a celebration of their love, their home, and their lives together.

Edible décor was gathered from apple trees in the area, and ribbons and string lights were strung around the castle gardens to create a festive but homely atmosphere. The relaxed atmosphere was further enhanced by a BBQ reception and home-cooked meals over the weekend.

This smart, dapper couple is at the heart of all this.

Our Love Story

Frederik met me at “De Gentse Feesten”. We agreed to help a friend and work behind the counter. Frederik was responsible for making the drinks, and I was in charge of serving them.

Soon, Frederik began to make drinks for me, and we were drinking much more than we worked.

We were so drunk that we left work to go partying. It was a fun night.

Three words to describe our wedding? Relaxed and spacious. Elegant.

The Inspiration

The wedding was spread out over the weekend to allow everyone to relax.

The people arrived Friday afternoon. Everyone brought their dish to the buffet.

Saturday was the day of the celebration, dinner, games, surprises, opening dance, and party.

On Sunday morning, we enjoyed a large brunch of protein pancakes that we made ourselves.

A whole weekend was what we wanted so that all activities could take place at a relaxed pace.

The theme of the weekend was “A Weekend in the Countryside.” Lots of sunlight and dogs outside. In the tents, we used a lot of blue and white.

The inspiration for our design was the house we live in. The inspiration for our project was our own home. We feel like we’re on vacation every time we walk into our home.

The Venue

Frederik surprised me with a surprise birthday gift in August 2014. He discovered a small and beautiful castle near the French border, Chateau Devillette in Glaire.

I stayed one night there and was absolutely stunned by the surroundings.

The castle was beautiful, the orchard was huge, and there was a small forest at the end. We loved everything about this place. We contacted the owner and asked for their permission.

The Attire

Amelia, Frederik’s best friend (and my friend), Frederik Spittael, chose our costumes.

My friend convinced me that I should wear a blue suit, a white shirt, and a tie instead of a black suit. The outfit turned out to be gorgeous, so I’m glad I listened.

Frederik’s friend went to great lengths to find me a suit without jeopardizing his personality or style! Both cases were excellent! I now enjoy wearing formal clothing.

Enjoying Our Favorite Moments

The ceremony was simple, elegant, and respectful. Just before the ceremony began, I had a mental breakdown because I realized just how much I loved Frederik.

– Present were all the children and dogs! Ten dogs were roaming freely in the orchard. The dogs were a big hit with the children. The combination was perfect.

The “Nicki Minaj Parody Video”: We laughed ourselves silly!

The weather was perfect: there were no clouds in sight for three days. It started to rain when the last guest left Sunday afternoon. Frederik, myself, and a few others took a moment to thank the weather Gods.

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