DIY Flower Hair Slide Tutorial

We have something special for you today. It’s beautiful and easy to share.Elizabeth, our model, shows you how to make DIY fresh flower hair slides.

How easy it is to make this at home! You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to make.

Elizabeth created this stunning hair accessory in only 15 minutes during our recent Brides Musings photoshoot with Louise Beukes from B.Loved.

While the lovely Marianne Taylor Photography took pictures, Sev from Hepburn Collection twirled her hair.

This slide is so easy to make; it looks great with your hair up or down.

It is a pretty and delicate flower crown that lends itself well to a romantic and feminine look.

What you need:


A simple hair slide

A pair scissors

A glue gun

Get Your Tools

Please choose one or two large blooms and then a few smaller petals to create a trailing look like ours.

Talk to your florist to find out which flowers are the most durable for your bouquet so that they will last as long as you want.

If you’re looking for a hair clip, plastic will hold the glue very well. A metal slide (ours came from Clare’s Accessories) also works.

You can start by heating your glue gun.

Cut Your Flowers

Cut the stems close to the buds, especially if they are stiff.

Leave 1cm to glue with. Allow the stem of the trailing flower to be slightly larger than the width of your slide.

You can Glue your Flowers

Start by gluing the stems, and then move on to the larger buds.

Start with a little glue, and add more if you need it (which is likely to be the case for larger ones).

Hold each flower for one minute until you feel it is secure. Be careful, though. This glue is HOT!

Allow to Set

Once you are satisfied with your slide, set it aside for a few hours to dry. If you don’t want to end up with a hair horror story reminiscent of chewing gum, wait until the glue is completely cooled and hardened before applying it.

Et Voila!

Isn’t your new hair slide with fresh flowers beautiful?

This slide is beautiful with light waves. It would also look great with a Gibson Roll, tousled updo, or braids.

You can create a hair slide before your trial so you can test out different styles with your stylist. This will also give you an idea of how long the chosen flowers will last.

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