DIY Aisle Runner: Messages Of Love


Create a truly personalized and meaningful touch for your wedding ceremony with a DIY aisle runner adorned with messages of love. This heartfelt project allows you and your partner to express your love and gratitude to each other, as well as involve your friends and family in the celebration of your union. Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a beautiful and memorable aisle runner that will add a special touch to your walk down the aisle.

Materials Needed:

Roll of white or cream-colored fabric or paper (such as canvas, muslin, or butcher paper)

Fabric markers or permanent markers in various colors



Stencils or letter stickers (optional)

Painter’s tape (optional)


Iron and ironing board (if using fabric)

Protective covering for your work surface

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Lay out your chosen fabric or paper on a flat surface, ensuring it is clean and free from wrinkles or creases. If using fabric, iron out any wrinkles using a low heat setting to create a smooth surface for writing.

Step 2: Measure and Mark Your Aisle Runner

Using a ruler and pencil, measure and mark the dimensions of your aisle runner to ensure it fits the length and width of your ceremony aisle. Consider the size of your venue and the space available for the aisle when determining the dimensions of your runner.

Step 3: Plan Your Messages of Love

Take some time to brainstorm meaningful messages, quotes, song lyrics, or personal vows that you and your partner would like to include on your aisle runner. Consider incorporating messages that reflect your love story, shared values, or aspirations for your future together.

Step 4: Write or Draw Your Messages

Using fabric markers or permanent markers, begin writing or drawing your messages of love onto the aisle runner. You can write directly onto the fabric or paper freehand, or use stencils or letter stickers to create uniform lettering.

If you’re not confident in your handwriting, consider using painter’s tape to create guidelines for straight lines or spacing between letters. This will help ensure your messages are neatly aligned and easy to read.

Step 5: Get Creative

Get creative with your design by incorporating decorative elements such as hearts, flowers, or other symbols of love. Experiment with different colors and styles of lettering to add visual interest and personality to your aisle runner.

Consider adding embellishments such as glitter, sequins, or fabric appliques to enhance the beauty of your aisle runner and make it truly unique to your wedding theme and style.

Step 6: Add Finishing Touches

Once you’ve finished writing or drawing your messages of love, allow the ink to dry completely before handling or moving the aisle runner. If using fabric, consider ironing the runner on a low heat setting to set the ink and ensure it is permanent.

Step 7: Display Your DIY Aisle Runner

On your wedding day, display your DIY aisle runner at the entrance to the ceremony venue, leading up to the altar or ceremonial space. You can secure the runner in place using double-sided tape or weights to prevent it from shifting or moving during the ceremony.

As you walk down the aisle together, surrounded by the messages of love and support from your friends and family, you’ll be reminded of the journey that has brought you to this moment and the love that will continue to guide you in the years ahead.

Final Thoughts

Creating a DIY aisle runner adorned with messages of love is a beautiful way to add a personal and meaningful touch to your wedding ceremony. By involving your partner, friends, and family in the creation process, you’ll create a cherished keepsake that will serve as a reminder of the love and support that surrounds you on your special day. So gather your materials, unleash your creativity, and let your love shine bright as you walk down the aisle together towards your happily ever after.

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