Christmas Giveaway Day Three: Win Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipsticks



As we step into the third day of our festive celebrations, the spirit of giving continues to shine bright. Today, we are thrilled to present a dazzling opportunity for all the brides-to-be and makeup enthusiasts out there. Get ready to pucker up with excitement as we unveil the chance to win an exclusive set of Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipsticks. These luxurious lipsticks are more than just makeup; they are a celebration of love, confidence, and the beauty of every bride on her special day.

Love, Honour & Be True: Elevating Bridal Beauty

Love, Honour & Be True is a brand renowned for its commitment to creating beauty products that not only enhance physical allure but also empower individuals to embrace their unique radiance. The Bridal Lipstick collection, in particular, has become a staple for brides seeking the perfect blend of elegance, longevity, and a touch of magic on their wedding day.

The Prize: A Set of Exquisite Bridal Lipsticks

The lucky winner of our Christmas giveaway will receive a carefully curated set of Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipsticks. This collection features a range of shades designed to complement various skin tones and wedding themes. From classic reds that exude timeless glamour to soft pinks that evoke a sense of romance, each lipstick is formulated to provide a luxurious, long-lasting finish.

Timeless Elegance in Every Shade:

The Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipstick collection is a testament to timeless elegance. The shades are carefully selected to enhance the natural beauty of every bride, ensuring that the lipstick becomes a seamless extension of her radiance. Whether you opt for a bold statement lip or a subtle, natural hue, each shade is crafted to embody the spirit of love and celebration.

Long-lasting Formulation:

A bride’s journey on her wedding day is filled with joyous moments, Love, Honour, and a True understanding of the importance of makeup that stays impeccable throughout the festivities. The Bridal Lipsticks boasts a long-lasting formulation, providing a velvety texture that glides on smoothly and stays vibrant from the “I do” to the last dance. No need to worry about constant touch-ups—these lipsticks are designed to endure the magic of the day.

Empowering Confidence:

More than just a cosmetic accessory, Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipsticks are designed to empower confidence. As a bride takes center stage, these lipsticks serve as a reminder of her inner strength, beauty, and the significance of the moment. The transformative power of makeup is harnessed to enhance self-assurance, allowing every bride to step into her new chapter with grace and poise.

How to Enter:

Participating in this fabulous giveaway is as easy as applying your favorite lipstick. Follow these steps to enter for a chance to win:

Share the Love:

Share a post on your preferred social media platform (Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter) expressing why you would love to win the Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipstick collection.

Use the hashtag #LHBTBridalKiss and tag Love, Honour & Be True in your post to ensure your entry is counted.

Spread the Joy:

Tag a friend who would also love to glam up with these stunning bridal lipsticks.

The winner will be selected at random and announced on [date]. Don’t miss the chance to adorn your lips with the magic of love and honor and be true on your special day!


As we continue our Christmas giveaway extravaganza, we invite all brides and beauty enthusiasts to embrace the opportunity to win the Love, Honour & Be True Bridal Lipstick collection. These lipsticks are not just makeup; they are an embodiment of love, confidence, and the celebration of beauty. Enter the giveaway, pucker up, and get ready to dazzle on your wedding day with the timeless elegance of Love, Honour, and be True. Wishing you the best of luck and a season filled with love and joy!

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