Beautiful, quirky, DIY wedding: The bride didn’t wear white 2


This gorgeous Irish wedding is filled with quirky, vintage and eclectic goodness. Kate, the bride, said “Our style was ours a little of this and a little of that …”. The reception has a lot of DIY details, from the stamped favor bags to the Photobooth.

Sean’s home-made photobooth and crisp white and green colors will be a hit today. You have to see it to believe it.

The moody, atmospheric, and picturesque Dingle Bay in Co Kerry is the perfect backdrop for more fun and creative group photos.

Annemarie, the florist, was amazing. The flowers were Hydrangeas because I love them. She was on a ladder half-way up at another wedding when I called her a week prior to the wedding. But even then, there was no problem. This lady is a florist that everyone needs!

We had a sweet table. Who eats cakes these days? I went to the supermarket and bought a chocolate fudge and a plain cake. Then, I decorated them for the table. They were still there the next day. Nowadays, nobody eats any cake! For the candy buffet favors, I stamped one million bags with the phrase “all you need to love”. There were no bags left or sweets the next day.

The photographer was the only sticking point. Sean was the “Photographer!” Many jokes were made about the need for timers or that he wouldn’t be in the wedding album. We found a solution when Sean’s friend Daniel Griffiths, from Sydney, said he could come and photograph our wedding. We knew he loved Dingle and was willing to do anything. Daniel’s work is still something we love. Another friend that became intertwined with our day.

Favorite Moment

It was a moment that I will never forget. Walking up the aisle with my uncle, and looking at Sean as we walked, was the most amazing experience of my life. It was obvious that I would marry the man who never fails to make my laugh and has my heart in his hands, but it was also that we were surrounded with people who love and cared for us, and played a role in our magical day. This day belongs to you, and your partner. Don’t let anyone ruin it. There is no such thing as right or wrong. There are no rules. You and your partner must do what you feel is right. Nobody else matters. Start your wedding right, whether you’ve been together for 20 years or just a week, it is a special day. Start off on the right foot by filling it up with things that make you and your partner happy.

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