Americana Wedding Inspiration Shoot with a French Guest Star

The Fourth of July may have passed, but Americana has become a wedding theme that we love all year round.

This shoot will inspire you if you are planning an Independence Day wedding for next year or want to add a patriotic twist to your nuptials.

The wonderful TRECreative Film and Photo created this sweet shoot. It features a chic sparkle and stripes décor, as well as some classic American treats. (Cupcakes and red Vines, anyone?) This sweet shoot features some traditional American treats (cupcakes and Red Vines, anyone?) as well as some chic sparkle and stripes decor.

Chelsey from TreCreative Film and Photo will tell you more about this shoot.

We had so much fun putting together this styled shoot. We thought of all the different ways a couple can go with a patriotic wedding theme. We wanted to use bold colors like red, white, and blue. Recently, I have been obsessed with glitter. I love the brightness and shine it adds to even the most simple of items.

We were blown away by the way everything came together for this session inspired by the Fourth of July, from the flowers to the vintage Honda Moped.

We wanted to keep the shoot local, so we chose Bidwell Park. This iconic local spot runs through our small college city, Chico, CA. The park is packed with families on the 4th of July, having cookouts and children playing in the creek.

Fruit salads are one of my favorite parts of summer. They’re delicious, refreshing, and so good. We wanted to include all of these tasty fruits in our deserts and naked cake.

How can we forget Phyllis? This is Phyllis, the amazing French Bulldog that graced our shoot with her presence.

I love the way the Americana theme is both fresh and retro.

Please let us know in the comments if you are planning a wedding themed with stars and stripes.

Thank you to, TreCreative Film and Photo and the Chico wedding vendors who were part of this beautiful shoot.

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