A stunning Wedding Film with Heartfelt Vows


No matter how old or old, if your been with someone for more than ten years, it’s likely that you’ve gone through a lot. This is why the current wedding films are unique.

Tori and Frank were high school lovers who got married with an intimate ceremony in the garden followed by a lavish ballroom reception.

Their wedding film, shot by Justin Yoast, creative director, and head cinematographer of Eclipse Events Cinematography, showcases the vows that are emotionally elegant style, lavish décor of their wedding day.

Click here to play. (if you’re sensitive, it could be a heart-breaking film!) But before you play, learn more about this amazing wedding from the crew behind the film.

From the Filmmakers

Tori and Frank’s story of love was outlined in their vows of love that began ten years ago in Amusement Parks situated in New Jersey – holding hands as they waited in line to ride an amusement park roller coaster. Who would have thought that this small incident would lead to the birth of something amazing?

I didn’t realize I would have a crush when I was 13 was to be my last,” says Tori.

Since that day, when they were young friends, they’ve been unbreakable. In the end, they turned that friendship into love and later into marriage.

It’s been a trip of a lifetime. It was something they finally chose to celebrate on the biggest of the stages on the day on the 12th of May in Nanina’s In the Park in Belleville, NJ when they invited their family and friends to attend the wedding and reception.

The Eclipse Group, Eclipse Events, and Eclipse Cinema were honored to be their storytellers (cinematography)and musicians (entertainment). Producing and filming an event of this kind is always an exciting job.

The couple immediately recognized and shared a deep love for each other, and it was something that could easily be displayed on the screen with a bit of guidance.

The newlyweds of our wedding approached us with a clear goal that they would tell their love story based on that passion. We’d like us to believe that we did this and much more. From the choice of song to the creative slow-motion shots, it all led to a film that felt like Tori’s as well as Frank’s.

The event itself was amazing. The crowd was never able to be able to leave the dance floor, regardless of the music played. From beginning to end, the day was about our newlyweds as they ought to be.

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