Whimsical Dried Floral & Agate Wedding Ideas


Foragers and foragers join forces to create this playful, dried-flowering fete. Inspiring by nature This wedding-themed shoot by Olea & Fig Studio is a blend of delicate, heirloom-quality grasses, flowers, as well as fragile glass, and hardy stones and truly celebrates the beauty of nature that is everywhere.

Always looking to find that “next thing” in place cards, we’re obsessed with these agate slice name cards. Sometimes, a sparkling, iridescent variety of natural tones, Agate name cards can be an exquisite gift to the guests you invite to bring home. Perhaps coasters?

The dried flowers, too, are awe-inspiring. Golden crowns that are wild and bursting with a flurry of vibrant flowers provide this shoot with all the fun we could want. Pampas grass is swaying in the golden glow (captured stunningly with the help of the Stage Photographers), and the wedding gowns of JE are swinging through the meadow. What is a vision?

From Olea & Fig

We were looking to capture the distinctive natural and surreal landscapes in Southeast Asia, creating an escape from the constant digital information and the smog of urban life. The photoshoot was held at Yangmingshan, situated in Taipei, Taiwan.

We wanted to convey this natural beauty that is unimaginable through wilting leaves, decomposing branches, and the moody but gorgeous feather-like reedgrass that grows in the mountains throughout winter months. We also imagined the place to be the place where fairytales, nature’s spirits, and spirits brimming with whimsicality.

This is a retelling of a fairytale-like fantasy set during the wintertime, which is peaceful and serene on an island, a tale that evokes the beauty of nature’s elements.

The colors chosen include a few muted earthy shades, and organic greenery is used throughout the design in order to increase the beauty and natural appeal of the island.

The black and matte utensils we chose were chosen to mimic the black rock of Yangmingshan. Instead of a bold centerpiece for the table, in order to blend the style with nature, we went for a smaller floral arrangement attached to the champagne glasses. We included feathers on our tablescape to reflect the spirit of the ethereal.

We also were looking to channel the celestial, fairytale spirit by using a “transparent” design concept, which is why the candle holders for tables were made of glass, which showcases the beauty of simple lines. Agate pieces were also used as decoration to create that transparent feel.

The backdrop was created using we used the same feather-inspired concept by combining faded mauve feathers with the reeds and the mountain breeze to create a light and airy feel. In two bouquets, flower crowns, as well as blossoms as dresses for the hair and even makeup, we further tapped into the whimsical, wild spirit, romantic, and fun. The stationery designs are a collection of hand-made papers, like potato and wheat papers, which are hand-written and have slightly burned edges.

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