50's Prom Dress

The 50's prom dress is often described as innocent, glamorous and romantic. Just like the 50's era, which is still so popular for its fashion and style, the 50's prom dress has also become a popular and timeless icon. It was in this era that the prom culture became so popular. This resulted in the popularity of the prom dress which are still in vogue.

The 50's prom dress shows that women in that era had very good fashion sense and actually knew how to dress themselves up in terms of style and femininity. The 50's dress style is in fact considered to be the ultimate figure fixer. If you want to highlight your waist, then this is the dress that will do the job for you.

The prom dress is something that has been loved and welcomed both by the high street labels and the high end designers. The best part of the prom dress is that, while other dresses and fashions come and go, it will never go out of fashion. You can add a few bows, ruffles and ribbons to it. But the dress style remains the same and in vogue. Its a circular skirt or an A line skirt, princess style that has a fitted waist.

The 1950's saw a great change taking place in the fashion industry scene. There were new fabrics invented like petrochemicals which soon became very popular and affordable. Teenagers then wanted to be as glamorous as the Hollywood stars and icons whom they idolised. This is what let to the introduction of the beautiful and glamorous 50's prom dress.

The prom dresses would be adorned with embroidered appliqués, lace, rhinestones and sequins. The fabrics often used to make this dress was satin, tulle, taffeta and organza. Even the colours of the prom dress in the 50's were very different from the other prom eras. The colours often used then were turquoise and tangerine. The body of the dress was often fitted with the skirt being poofy and large. This is today considered as a classic look which is glamorous, innocent and feminine.

One of the major trademarks of the 50's prom dress fluffy and round skirt that was up to the knee length. The women and girls then would wear paper net petticoats or nylon underneath the skirt for support which would also add volume to the dress. There would be many layers of petticoats worn inside in order to get the correct mount of fluffiness and poofiness for the dress.

The petticoats which were worn inside for support would be applied good amount of starch to make it more sturdier. The hem of the skirt would also have nylon horse braid. This was to help the dress flare out nicely and gracefully from the waist line of the prom dress. Even today the same technique is used for the vintage dresses and the bridal gowns.

Even today the vintage 50's prom dress in not out of fashion. There are have been many trends and fashion styles which have come and gone, but the best of the designers are still not letting go the quintessential 50's prom dress.