Wedding Entertainment Planning – A Must For Every Wedding

Your wedding date is fixed. The venue is decided. The decorations arranged for. What could be the missing link in your wedding planning? Does entertainment for the wedding reception ring a bell? An important aspect of any wedding planning, the wedding entertainment also gets easily overlooked and among the last items to be arranged for.

There could be two reasons for this- one, the bride and groom are pretty confident of their choices and know exactly what kind of music or show they want at their wedding reception; and secondly, compared to the other elements of wedding planning such as catering, decorating, etc., entertainment for the wedding does not cost that much, and hence the kept lower on the to-do planning list.

While the entertainment package at your wedding may not be the central focus of the entire wedding, a lively band of musicians can set the mood for the after party and get everyone on their feet. Imagine the much awaited first dance of the newly weds being ruined by a wrong choice of music or the wrong musicians for the wedding theme. Therefore, it is important that you arrange for the wedding entertainment in time along with the other preparations.

Planning For the Wedding Entertainment

The first step to planning is determining what kind of entertainment extravaganza you want on your special day. Your wedding theme could be a big deciding factor in that respect, and you can revolve your entertainment options around it. If your wedding theme has a formal tone, you can have slow, soothing music playing in the backdrop, or have classical or jazz musicians entertain the guests. If the wedding is taking place in more casual settings like a beach or garden, a popular live band will set the tempo for the party.

There are many wedding entertainment agencies whose role is to provide musical and other forms of entertainment at weddings. As a couple, your role would be to discuss your preferences with the agency and let them arrange the rest. However, do allow the service provider enough time to arrange all the necessary details by making your visit well in advance and booking their services for the wedding day.

Wedding Entertainment Options

When it comes to deciding the music for wedding, there are three options before a couple- have a live band play their favorite songs, hire a disc jockey to mix up a wide range of songs and have everybody dance, or play pre-recorded songs from a music player. The last option is the most economical and does not require much effort. Hiring a DJ, too works out cheaper than having a personal band; but then again, it all depends on the couple how they want the music to flow at their reception.

  Apart from the music, you may want to add other sources of entertainment too to ensure your guests enjoy every moment of your wedding. You may arrange for a magic show- a winner among kids and adults alike, professional dance performers, or have a stand-up comedian tickle the guests’ funny bones with a lighter take on marriage.

Thus, depending on your personal choice and your entertainment preferences, arrange the right wedding entertainment for your wedding day to make a special day perfect.