The Ultimate Guide To Wedding Vow Writing


Are you deciding to create your wedding vows? You’re likely worried, stressed, and putting off the decision.

I’m Katelyn, the creator of Wedding Words. Wedding Words is the wedding vows as well as the toast-writing service. As a professional vow-writer, I have heard brides’ complaints that want custom wedding vows: “I’m so overwhelmed and have no idea how to write my own vows!”

So, there’s no reason to worry about the marriage planning job any longer. I’m here to assist by providing the best guide to writing your wedding vows. Use these guidelines to have a smooth vow-writing experience. You’ll soon feel comfortable sharing unique vows on your wedding day.

Begin with a Brainstorm

The most difficult part of writing vows is beginning. For now, let it go without having to create sentences. Start with brainstorming.

Write down every romantic memory you have or humorous moment you and your partner have shared. What thoughts come to your thoughts when you think of your relationship?

Note down thoughts without judgment. This exercise aims to write down ideas on paper. It’s the job of transforming these into coherent ideas later in the process.

Include a Theme

Themes are the underlying themes of any story. Think of your favorite film or book. You’ll be able to recognize themes. Vows are a different form of storytelling and should include the theme.

To determine your topic, look over your notes on brainstorming. What commonalities stand out to you? Affirmation of your support? Thoughtfulness? Laughter?

Once you’ve established the topic of your marriage, use this as the basis for your vows on. For instance, if the word “consideration” is your main theme, then tell an story about how your partner displayed his care. You can then connect this theme with the qualities you would like to incorporate into your marriage. So what do you intend to do to be considerate of the man throughout the wedding?

Track Your Word Count

Write between 390-650 words. It’s about between three and five minutes in the length of your speech. Making sure that the word count is around the same length is sure that the vows you make are clear well-written and precise and keep your guests entertained.

Do you struggle to keep your vows brief and sweet? Editing your own writing can be difficult.

Utilize these two tips to assist you in your self-editing process:

Eliminate any word that doesn’t enhance the message or make sense. So, can the sentence make sense even with no word? If so, delete it. It’s not required.

Take out any sentence or phrase that does not convey any new points. If you’ve already stated something similar, but in a different manner you don’t need to be redundant. Cut it off and proceed to make a new argument.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Anyone you’ve seen and been inspired by has for years practicing their presentation. This is crucial for people who suffer from fears of speaking in public — which many of us are!

Practice reading your vows before your bridesmaids, and then ask them for feedback.

Are you hesitant to share your personal information for a while? Do you want to record yourself via video? The goal isn’t to become self-critical. It’s to become aware of. Do you use the word “um” countless times? Avoid eye contact? Or playing with your hair?

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