The Dreamiest Sunset Beach Wedding in Thailand


Beach wedding brides: Are you up to go? Today, we’re having a beautiful sunset wedding with pink and purple far from the sand shores that lie in Phuket, Thailand.

The bride, who is a wedding planner and expert herself, put together the most laid-back and bare-footed sandy wedding on the beach that we could ever imagine! In designing the invitations and even the dress herself, the entire event was effortlessly planned. The clear, pale blue skies fell on the bridal party’s sloppy pastel dresses. Her two-piece gown flutters in the breeze with such romance.

We love the newspaper stories programs and the tiny hint to never forget about the midnight snack. We’re with you – they’re important for all-night parties down.

Our Love Story

There was nothing romantic about us. We began our relationship four years ago at an electronic music venue in Bangkok in a nightclub with extremely loud but boring music. Since then, we’ve been friends.

The proposal, however, did not come off as romantic. Hallstadt had always been my dream destination. My friend drove me to the city on a gorgeous summer day. We rented a tiny private boat to cruise on the lake. We stopped at between the lakes and had that famous panorama of Hallstadt to our rear. He began to talk about our relationship. I was unable to hear since I had already started to feel overwhelmed. He then pulled out the engagement ring that I love the most, champagne pink sapphire, and offered me to remain for the rest of my time with him. It’s impossible not to say yes, right?

Amazingly, the ring for my proposal was brought to me from Thailand. He had planned the wedding with my family. My sister purchased the call and put it into a mouse box, and then my dad handed this box to me, stating that it was a brand-new computer mouse that was given by my brother-in-law to my husband. I was totally fooled.

The Dress

Selecting a dress for my wedding was not an easy decision, so I came up with the idea myself since it needed to convey what I was about. A white two-piece dress, not too serious or ideal, with a train and some lace for a feminine style.

For the party, I changed into a crocheted top and a white skirt that was easier to wear. It was a challenge to choose the right color for my bridesmaid’s wedding gowns. The result was that we mixed styles and blushes a little, which we ended up very happy with. They weren’t all identical. Instead, each dress had a distinct design and color to each gown.

The Venue

Because the wedding venue was located on the beach and we were at the beach, we decided to go for a simple wedding with no shoes, no platform, no stage, and no dance floor. The color was neutral: white, green, and dusty pink bouquet.

Flowers were crafted to match the theme of our event, natural organic, natural, and relaxed forms with a boho chic style. Peonies were the lead role since they’re my favorite flower. We picked I Am Flower, which is reputed to be the most reputable florist in Phuket, to translate our vision to the world. Their work was spectacular. It was stunning and spoke volumes about us.

We didn’t want our wedding decor to obscure the beauty of nature. Also, we made our wedding arch minimalist since we felt that the Andaman Sea was gorgeous enough to be the backdrop. We loved our guest book With sea shells that guests could sign and later use as decoration at home. We also recorded the names of our guests on oyster shells so that they could use them as place cards and let guests bring them home as wedding favors and to remind them that they attended our seaside wedding.

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