Sweet Winery Wedding Film in Kentucky


Oh, we have such an incredible wedding video to present to you guys this morning!

Brittney and Matthew are the most adorable couple, who tied the wedding of their dreams with a winery in the Talon Winery in Lexington, Kentucky.

The day was a perfect equilibrium of being stylish and relaxed with beautiful fashion (we are in love with Brittney’s wedding gown, And Matthew’s tie is elegant! ). An outdoor ceremony and a romantic wedding reception in a barn, as well as a beautiful golden hour, amidst homemade florals, rustic details and a canine maid of honor.

Their beautiful wedding film produced by the amazing Alyson Biggs Photography captured the entire experience. So relax, press the play button, and watch…

Watch Brittney & Matthew’s Gorgeous Wedding Film

From the Filmmaker

Where should I start with this? Since I graduated in 2013 from the University of Kentucky in 2013, I’ve always had an enviable space in my soul in Lexington, KY.

I am a huge fan of shooting weddings at Talon Winery. I was thrilled to see my camera in the beautiful Talon Winery.

Brittney Matthew and Brittney’s wedding day was perfect. Their dog, Lola, served as their Maid of Honor. Their wedding decor was simple but beautiful, while their passion was evident.

As they were taking their photos as bride and groom, they were blessed with a sunny day that decided to shine out at the most beautiful moment ever, providing Kelli Lynn Photography and myself the most beautiful, golden “Nicholas Sparks Worthy” moments.

If every wedding were as memorable as the Saittas” I’d be living my fantasy.

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