Styled Desert Wedding Shoot Among The Red Rocks of Arizona


The Bridal Musings website is currently looking very green.

Many happy brides and couples against lush, leafy backdrops.

This is all very beautiful, but I have to admit that it’s a real thrill to be able to break it up a bit with this amazing styled wedding shoot by Thomas Shull Photography, photographed beneath the Red Rocks in Sedona, Arizona.

Claire Eliza’s charming and thrifty styling, the burnt orange colors, unsettling dust, cute indie couple, and adorable, thrifty styling caught my eye.

This shoot is a great inspiration for you beautiful brides with short hair!

Photographer’s Notes

Thomas Shull reveals a bit more about the unique shoot.

Sedona’s beautiful red rocks and desert landscape inspired our shoot. Sedona, for me, is a place of adventure and romance. Sedona can also be a place where one feels empowered by the excitement, uniqueness, and beauty. We wanted to show the true beauty of Sedona in every detail.

Thomas and his talented team are to be commended for allowing us to share this photoshoot with you today.

Tell me, do you plan desert weddings?

If so, I’ll feature your wedding on Bagsy!

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