Rustic Spanish Colonial Wedding Inspiration In Texas


Texas is huge. It is so vast that it’s possible to make any celebration you can think of (I have a wedding with a Texan, So I’m drinking Kool-Aid). And for anyone searching for Spanish Colonial charm, San Antonio has many traditional venues for the most romantic events.

For instance, Faith Roper Photography captured this chic boho wedding style in San Antonio’s McNay Art Museumwas. With extravagant Spanish elegance, you’ll be forgiven for thinking this venue’s rustic appearance is traditional. Of course, it requires an expert team of florists, stylists, and planners to make the most of the romance of the past. The elegant, vintage-inspired stationery sets the mood for a romantic event. The classic cascading flower arrangements drape over a patio tiled in Spanish to create a romantic ceremony. Gold Naturae Design crown can easily be interpreted as an old Mediterranean crown.

It’s Texas and our fashionable team that has the ability and have the ability to bring in certain modern-day elements to the look. There are a few fantastic modern pieces that we cannot ignore. Gold tasseled sneakers designed by our very own Bella Belle Shoes. Bella Belle Shoes are the best modern meets traditional outfit for this shoot.

From Faith Roper Photography

This shoot with a style was part of a Hybrid Collective Conference course with Lauren Fair. The location was San Antonio, Texas, at the McNay Art Museum, a 20th-century Spanish Colonial Revival-style mansion. The ceremony was intimate and was set on a stunning flooring that was tiled, with a massive floral arrangement. The shoot was designed with Janna Brown Designs and showcases the muted blue-grey, ivory, and grey color scheme with a chic boho-inspired dress and many florals. Our models were genuine newlyweds!

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